Apple iTunes Ad – Coldplay – Viva la Vida – Spanish/Español

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This is the May 2008 iTunes Ad featuring Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. The ad is Spanish-subtitulated.

Esta es la publicidad de iTunes de Mayo de 2008, promocionando Viva la Vida de Coldplay. Subtítulos en español.



¿Qué leches está mal traducido? ¿Sleep alone? Claramente dice "Sweep alone" -.-"

caimmizard says:

People DO sleep alone in the mornings, it makes more sense than SWEEPING ALONE…

¿¿Who the hell sweeps in couples??


caimmizard says:

¿¿¿Cómo se puede traducri tan mal???

¿¿¿How the holy fuck can it be translated in such an awful way???

Coldplay doesn't deserve this…

Tomas Norambuena A. says:

Now in the morning I SWEEP ALONE

I hear clearly "SWEEP ALONE". "SLEEP ALONE" makes no sense, since (1) people don't sleep in the mornings, but at nights, and (2) the next sentence "sweep the streets…" wouldn't be correctly connected if the first one were "sleep alone". If you listen to the track, lyrics are very clear and the prose is grammatically correct.


Tomas Norambuena A. says:

que quieres decir con "fuerte"?

javihall says:

cold play la mejor banda del mundo !! no ahy discucion

Eymard Vivas says:

Oye gracias

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