Apple iPod+iTunes TV Ad May 2007 – Mi Swing Es Tropical

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Another one of Apple’s hit commercials.


Alula says:

vacation to miami

Lif Da says:

Best ipod commercial ever !

BelizeHunni says:

my fave one by far 🙂

Manu La says:

That song makes me just want to………chilllllllllll (under the sun!) ^_^

Oscar Rodriguez says:

Where can i find that son full please let me know!!!!!!!!!!

Edward says:

yeah all of it. lol

Na i know what u mean with the beat goes on 4.5 hrs to go!!!

Matthew Keough says:

wow this denfently makes me wana buy an ipod lol

Okon Umoh says:

AWESOME. simply AWESOME. The music, the dancing, everthing about the ad.

Creativity Forever says:

Ooh yeah flavor to Veracruz! Que ritmo!!

Simone Swearingen says:

yeah, representing cuba!Que linda la isla

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