Apple iPod Touch (6th Generation): Unboxing & Review

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The Apple iPod Touch 6G for 2015 brings significant upgrades with an A8 CPU, M8 CoProcessor, 8MP iSight camera, improved FaceTimeHD camera, 128GB storage option, Bluetooth 4.1, a larger battery, 802.11ac WiFi, and much more. This video includes a comparison to the 5G, benchmarks, gaming demo, and camera samples.

Blue iPod Touch 6G Video:
Pink iPod Touch 6G Video:

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BlueTube says:

Uploaded on my bday

x Alioss says:

Rarely any improvements 

x Alioss says:

They stuffed up the new iPod what a ripoff 

Timmy TheSnail says:

Really? There's still no battery percentage icon on the home screen?!? Seriously how hard is it to put that on it for fuck sake, considering the iPhone and iPad both have it. Ffs Apple

yelverton mediaworks group says:

best review I'm sold

Jasmine Fowler says:

I waited 3 years for this ????

Christhopher Cruz-Flores says:

no trailer for iPod 6 why ?

xTrinityforlifex says:

Honestly the iPod touch 6th generation sucks I tried my friends and it just shut off and the thing broke the gameplay was terrible it was soooo laggy and the camera is super dim

VivietteOsorio says:

IPod touch is perfect use only for using all the data you wanted, whereas the iPhones the data you use up can add up to your bill and it isn't that great, aside from that…I feel like this is great and perfect iPod device that's only for all the apps you downloaded for everything else you can go on everyday without using your iPhone. Isn't that great…?

AXhar Siddiqui says:

thumbs up, for the Batman vs Superman trailer you played :D

Miss Boss123 says:

I was expecting atleast a bigger screen and touch ID. It looks like the ipod 5, but i dont use it as much since i recently got an iPhone 5c

devan radomiljac says:

is there battery percentage on the new ipod?

yolo man says:

when the fuck did apple anounce the 6th gen ipod touch

Amory James says:

people still by them i got the iphone 5c blue upgrading next mouth

to the 6s

John Meise says:

Just came here to figure out how to box it back up neatly so I could return it :p 16 GB wasn't enough…I'm probably the only one that looked up this video for that reason xD

howlingwolf125y says:

I can't believe that you did NOT criticize the display size. This is a ** MAJOR ** disappointment.  With everything else, companies are upgrading the screen size to a larger size.  I have an older Apple Ipod Touch and have been waiting forever for a larger screen size.  I passed on the past two upgrades because the screen size was too small.  Here's another upgrade and again no upgrade in screen size (4.7 to 5.5 would be great!!  larger  BUT IT STILL FITS INTO MY POCKET  but NOOOOOO!!).  I think Apple is showing TOTAL INCOMPETENCE by not upgrading the screen size.  So it would be a bit less mobile – a larger screen size would be far more important and better.   Sorry Apple ..  I am not buying this upgrade!!!

Monica Mena says:

Great video!

Miland Mall says:

im getting this its good????????????

LeagueUnDeadGamer Slacker says:

sweet cameras.

Shazil Fatima says:

And it's more of a gaming device

Shazil Fatima says:

This is basically a phone but you can't install whatsapp or it doesn't come with the phone app

akuma4u says:

can someone please confirm this: an ipod 3 vs 4 vs 5 vs 6, when listening to them via headphones, do they all sound the same OR has the sound cards/processors inside each generation improved so that each newer gen ipod has better sound quality than the version prior? or is it all the same?

Megan Bird says:

Should I get Blue or Silver. Silver will go better with all case but blue looks so nice.

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