Apple iPod Touch 5G vs iPhone 5: Speed & Gaming

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Detailed performance analysis of the iPhone 5 vs the iPod Touch 5G.


iPod Touch 5G:
A5 (Dual Core) 800Mhz

iPhone 5
A6 (Dual Core) 1.29Ghz


Ender Craft says:

I thought the iPhone 5s has the a7 chip?

loida coronel says:

Ipod 5 is ios 7 now….

Brookie Loves Cookies says:

I’m getting an ipod touch 5! So excited.

jeoskyz says:

IPod touch 6 releasing in October as rumors are being said. Can’t wait 🙂 i
hope it stays on 4.5 screen size. Bigger screen ruins me placing iPod in my
pocket since I wear pants that barely fit the iPhone 5 perfectly. 

Joel Johnson says:

i always thought the ipod had a better design than the current iphones
4-5s. thats why im happy the iphone 6 is taking the ipod design (curved
back, headphone jack on bottom etcc..)

ilsamiri7 says:

I have all my songs organised in folders (i.e. artist, album etc.) on my
PC. Can I just drag and drop those folders onto an iPod Touch 5G via a
cable or WiFi connection? Useless to me if not. Got over 100GB of music.

eric ngo says:

Might as well do iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s because that’s what the iPod touch
5g is an iPhone 4s with out the cellular capabilities

Pawel9229 says:

IPod… this is music device or phone?

James Cobrae says:

You can’t compare an iPod to a iPhone obviously the iPhone is better

Kris Magri says:

sooo… iphone 5 wins.??!

John St says:


Wolfgang Klinger says:

I have an iPod touch 5g. Should I update to ios 8.0.2 or should not? Will
it be slow? Please answer!

James Gonzales says:

does the ipod 5 lag or get slower with ios 8

Amelie Calma says:

iPhones rocks

John St says:

I’m doing a FREE giveaway on a iPod touch 5g

Ethan Fedz says:

How did u get the magazines. I can’t find the ones u have in newsstand

Logan Henderson says:


RioYT says:

Whats the Name of the game? 

Omair Shahid says:

East or west ipod 5 the best awesome 

GlitchingFTW says:

Ipod is much better / get ipod and jailbreak it and get a phone on it with
jailbreak hacks I’m sure that’s possible

Ryan Timm says:

but, the iphone is 500$ and the ipod is 300$. 

Robert Harley says:

Totally prefer the Ipod to the Iphone. Looks better to look at, and it is
far cheaper. An Ipod 5 and a cheap mobile phone is all I need. No need to
spend over a £100 for an Iphone.

Alex Ramirez says:

Screw all of u android is better

Liam Cochran says:

The iPhone is much more powerful, the iPod is not the same as people say it

Brian2916 says:

Do you have a video on the iPod Touch 5G vs the iPhone 4S?

Rohithgames Rohithcard says:

What the black spot on the iPod 5

Aceface says:

ios 7 – the best and prettiest os for mobile devices :D

Alex Ramirez says:

Screw all of u android is better

Kasandra Perneiises says:

i have a fucking ugly i pod 5

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