Apple iPod Touch 4G White: Unboxing & Setup

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The iPod Touch 4G receives a new white color option and a lower price, but is otherwise carried over with the same internal hardware and display.

In this video I go through the unboxing, initial setup and configuration with iCloud, and compare it to the black model.

See the NEW iPod Touch 5G Video!

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aariproductions says:

i have an ipod touch 4g black that i got for christmas in 2011 or 2010 i
think…i dont really like that you cant update it to the iOS 7 and idk ii
dont rly like the black colour or the back of the iPod. but i might get the
iPod 5g soon :)

Born to be a Djtech says:

i got a ipod touch 5 for my birthday i updated it to ios 7 it took away my
youtube app

jeremy gicheru says:

It’s really stupid that I can’t update to ios 7

Calismoke831 says:

Should I get the 5g or wait until the 6th gen come out in 2 months

Clouderz says:


Alex Chinn says:

this is ipod touch gen 1. I have one of these. it sucks….

nicobellic987 says:

getting a blue ipod touch 5 ,cant wait D:

Harry Osborne says:

iPod 4 iOS 6 or 7?

Caleb Rodregez says:

I remember that was the latest technology ahhh the old days

Megafanman703 says:

I bought a black iPod touch 4g, and about 4 months later, I misplaced it.
Once I had given up trying to find it, I bought a white iPod touch 4g. The
white looks very sleek and is very worth the money I paid for it. 

Gijs Peters says:

I have a black 8gb model

Daniel Fonseca says:

Old and outdated get the 5g

Ben Pittsley says:


Gamer Wiz says:

iOS 6 is far better 

Josh Park says:

getting a black one. :)

ramon ignacio says:

inserter sim

skarlet smith says:


Alex Thomas says:

iPod 4 is best black i found out lying around in my house and it was no
ones the screens broke so im getting it fixed cant wait

Isaac The brony says:

Dont get this piece of crap or any apple device please get an android they
are a lot better than any apple device this is my opinion so dont start a
huge fight

Gijs Peters says:

I have a black 8gb model

benkk stan says:

4G lpod touch, ok

pear phone maker says:

I’ll hate my ipod 5 it has ios 7 so I’m getting an ipod 4

NeverGiveUp! says:

I love ipod 4

TheRocketeer says:

“I’m going to accept because I have read the terms and conditions” yeah

mikyia woodbury says:

want one soo bad why so expensive they are soo tiny and yet they are like
300 dollars

Daniel Stenberg says:

Sure WHAT THA HECK! yolo

Reece Keller says:

I have a iPad mini and ipod 5 in blue.what sucks it’s that you can’t put
iOS 7 on my old 4 that I gave to my brother that gapped to be white 16gb

OMG#funny says:

I really like black

Karla Botello says:

Isaai Graf

Noah Pierson says:

Should have waited till the 5th generation came out luckily I got the
iPhone 5c and iPad Air along with 4th generation

Seigo1224 says:

I miss iOS 5…

Nikolai Orejuela says:


Nadia Jones says:
John St says:

Me too

Liam Cochran says:

Why are people still buying this 4 year old iPod!!!!! 

jacob williamson says:

Hey doop butt it’s gabe !!!!!!!!!

jeremy gicheru says:


Clifannie Jimenez says:

oh how much its cost?

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