Apple iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)

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Unboxing and Review of the 7 vs 7 Plus with a comparison in all colors and an in-depth look at the hardware and features.

iOS 10 Video:







HRT - Gaming says:

Awesome awesome review!

Vivio and Einhart says:

Problems are the HOME BUTTON 😡😡😡🖕🖕🖕

Tiger Likhon says:

My deam is iPhone

danielgartin6993 says:

Dude if you purchase the phone directly from AT&T at full retail price is it unlocked already

King Kam says:

Can I have a iPhone 7 plus please I won,t it bad

Demor 369 says:


Yanina Pinoargote says:

Excellent. me. Apple

Robin Lennca Bertane says:

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candice lopez says:

Someday I'm able to own an iphone 7, just be industrious

Mie MS says:

I've been an android user for 7 yrs, and Id been wanting to try apple products. Id always have issues with androids and getting tired of it. This reviews helps me considering to get iphone 8 plus. But on the other hand I still like the users freedom on android phones. I do a lot of customizations and I like the notifications and with androids I am already familiar with its system.

Uncle Bob says:

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