Apple iPhone 6+ Review!

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iPhone 6 Plus is everything about the iPhone 6, amplified!

iPhone 6 Review:

#BendGate Explained:

iOS 8 Features:

dBrand skin:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



Marques Brownlee says:

New MKBHD Video is live – Apple made a big phone! And I prefer it over the
smaller one. Here’s why it’s my favorite iPhone ever.

*Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review!*

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Darude Sandstorm says:

iSheeps are too stupid.
What can you customise your iphone 6? What?
Wallpapers? folders? Anything else sir?
Lol, people dont like freedom to enjoy their devices, therefore, they pick
up an idevice.
What exactly would you do with an iphone 6+?
Bigger display? Multitasking? Umm no.
Stupid peasants. Lol.

blu Orange says:


Elisabeth NOYB says:

For years I was always a loyal android phone owner and supporter but I
started having all kinds of problems with android phones like overheating,
constant freezing and shutting off and the charge hole would stretch and I
could not charge my phone. Tons of problems like these and the larger size
meant I kept dropping it. So I decided to switch over to iPhone, my first
iPhone was the 5S and I absolutely love it. No problems whatsoever. Perfect
size, and to me THE perfect phone. I can’t see how they can improve on it.
IMHO making it larger was a big mistake. I hate the new iphone6. It’s ugly,
bends and just NO. I will stick with my iPhone 5S for as long as I can it
til the idiots at Apple bring back the smaller iPhone size for ppl like me
who do NOT think a bigger phone is better. Why the fuck didn’t Apple just
make an iPhone 6 the same size as the 5S for us ppl who don’t want a huge
ass phone to lug around? There are millions of us who do not think a huge
ass iPhone is a good thing. They obviously only care about stealing
business from Android because they caved in to pressure to make a larger
iPhone. It’s really unfair. It’s how I and millions of ppl feel…you hear
me Apple??? Make the next iPhone smaller(5S size is cool) or u will lose
millions of customers. 

Mercury Cat ༼ԾɷԾ༽ says:

Even though I dislike Apple, I have to say: holy fucking shit are these
iPhones sexy.

Thetrolla70345 says:

Apple is shit

Andrew Nicklas says:

Did anyone else notice that he uses tinder? Or was that just me hahaha?!

Thedoubt says:

I’m torn between this and a galaxy note 4, my daily driver is a note 3 but
everyone I know has an iPhone. I’m thinking of switching, kinda like what I
did with gaming. I had PlayStation but everyone I knew had an Xbox so I
ended up upgrading to one. Anyway, I don’t really take advantage of the
multitasking abilities or the S-pen. I do take advantage of the custom UI
and the custom launchers. I also really hate touchwiz cause sometimes it
crashes and I’ll have to restart my phone and the lag that comes with it
drives my nuts. 

siesonekmk says:

It’s funny how all my iPhone using friends made fun of how “big” my Nexus 5
was and said their iPhone 5’s were the perfect size screen. Now that they
have all upgraded to iPhone 6+’s it’s suddenly the best phone with the best
screen size and my Nexus 5 has a inferior “scrawny” screen.

Gary Carter says:

To big, they bend, 8 meg camera? Camera sticks out back of phone, no
wireless charging? Low PPI, skins no good if you drop it.

Jacques Richmond says:

If I need pictures/movies off my Nexus I simply plug in a USB flash drive
and transfer the files over. No cloud or computer needed.
I can plug in a USB keyboard and mouse and instantly get the computer
experience (on screen mouse included). Haven’t cut on my laptop in weeks
because of this feature alone.
I can plug in a USB hard drive and instantly access my 4 terabytes of media
instantly on my Nexus.
I can create and edit MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with the built
in Office app, no file conversion needed.

None of these can be done easily or at all on any of my iPads. Sorry apple,
sticking with the Nexus devices.

Happy Jordan says:

my iphone 6 plus battery fucking sucks i have to charge it at least 3 times
a day

Cat with a top hat says:

I’m debating to get the iPhone 6+ or the LG G3 and the only reason i want
to get the iPhone 6+ is because of iTunes (You don’t need internet to
listen to music) Can anyone tell me any music apps on android that don’t
need internet ?

Tino Miller says:

Last thing to review from the Apple line up is the Apple watch .. Then it’s
finalized on what I will be purchasing ..

Aaron Doss says:

Please help! I’m trying to figure out if I want the Motorola Droid turbo or
the iPhone 6 plus. I don’t need stupid answers and apple and droid fans
jumping down my throat on which to get. I need straight up true facts and
opinions on which y’all think is a better choice. I’ve done research my
self and of course can’t decide. 

Onizuka S says:

I just got a gold one today, and I know I might sound like a brat for
saying this, but I hate it. It was a gift, so I had no choice in the
matter. One thing I dislike is the colour. The gold looks horribly tacky
and those antenna things make it worse. The large slippery body and curve
edges are torture for someone with small sweaty hands like me. And we all
know how fragile this thing is. I’ve been using a Note 3 and iPhone 5 for
the past year and a half, so a big phone and iOS aren’t new to me. Also, I
loved both of those phones. The iphone 5 was just the perfect size, felt
great in the hand and I could easily get around the phone single-handed.
The squared edges and leathery texture of the note helps with grip, and the
back and menu buttons really help maneuver through apps in a large phone. I
shall remind you that my hands are small compared to yours and I can’t
reach the top edge. I know there’s that reachability feature, but it’s not
as convenient as the back button on androids. iOS just isn’t meant for big
phones. It was perfect on the previous gen models. Now, it’s just shit. Of
course I’m still gonna use the thing because it’s a gift and I don’t want
to be rude. But most probably not as my daily driver.

Long story short. Unnecessarily big, slippery, fragile, ugly.

lilchunnky78 says:

Why can’t people just be happy with whichever phone they have instead of
bitching about which ones better -.- 

Abdullah Al-Marhuby says:

This or the nexus 6 guys ? i plan to get a new phone soon. I never bought
an iPhone before though been with Android since the start and i don’t plan
to switch to Iphone. Just curious which is going to be better this or the
Nexus 6 even tho i will get the nexus 6 anyway xD

Carlos Tobon says:

2 weeks with it and no bending

Christopher Guzman says:

My battery isnt that great on my plus i fully charged it in the morning and
its on 35% right now I’ve seen a video that people are saying that they’re
i6+ lasts almost two days?????

Jared Betzler says:

If you could get widgets on your home screen, customize ringtones on zedge
easy, and have more customizable keyboards would sell me. I just hate
having 10-20 ringtones/textones to choose from. Maybe next year. :(

RealDiecastCars says:

Anyone who hates iPhone the only reason is that THEY CANNOT AFFORD IT THEY

booboojuice44 says:

Okay lol catch MKBHD on tinder lmao!

johannes frings says:

Having an Iphone is an insult to embracing FREEDOM…used it for one week
and returned it…all you see is rows of apps and thats it….and not to
mention i couln’t even delete synced photos directly of the
device..WTF!…Screw is now catching up with tech instead of
being the innovators…..they just lure you to buy iphones due to
Aesthetics and appealing sleek designs…..who else buys an iphone due to
the” ios” dictatorship….

TheCodeAcademy says:

iPhone 6 Plus is the equivalent to Samsungs Galaxy Note (from 2012)
Team Galaxy!!!!

Michael Brefo says:

20% on Tinder… Lol… Naughty boy 

Education Portal says:

Not true I’ve killed my iPhone 6+battery by mid day. I was on it but still

TheIntelligentView says:

You spoke about slipperiness… Most people I know put their phones in

Brandon Carter says:

3:11 “Tinder” the 2ed most used app lol. great video

Alex Halpin says:

i love your videos, but you don’t critique and nitpick the iphones more,
you said “huge battery,” but thats not that big of a battery for a phablet
like that. Also when mentioning the resolution, you never even said
anything about how most android phones being released recently have made
1440p a new standard. IDK, i think you need to critisize more things than
bendgate in my opinion.

Gauby says:

So I added up the costs of the equipment he uses and it came out to over
$17,000! :0

normalguy821 says:


Dar Lew says:

If you go out of your way to bash people for picking up apple products
you’re obviously 12-18 with no idea of how real life works. If one works
for their own money instead of depending on mom and dad to buy them their
products then what does it matter what someone picks up? Spec wise these
phones outwardly look and do the same things. Different preferences. Think
about this, lots of people have Samsung galaxies now, so would they be
“Galaxy Sheep”? Idiots, small minded bigots, the whole lot of you. 

William Bates says:

Not bad. MKBHD actually seemed to like this phone somewhat. I know he is
more an Android guy, but he actually has an overall positive review of the

Yomal Shalan says:

What’s the game that he played???

Thomas 蔡 says:

我猜的沒錯,iPhone6 plus真的不是只是比較大而已,要買真的就買plus。可惜我要2016年才能換手機了。

Apple iPhone 6+ Review!:

Mr Chuck Peterson says:

Whats that game called he was playing 

Petrit Avdyli says:

I would love to hear why you want so much a “metal” phone, if you most
likely are going to put it in a plastic case and never see/feel that metal
that you’re so proud of.


So I have Nokia Lumia 1320. It’s 6″ and it is not as thick as iPhone 6.
Battery dies in under 10 hours easily if I watch live stream from twitch
and even if I watch YouTube it doesn’t last 20 hours. Cost is 300€.

MetallicReg says:

You can charge it up fairly quick – just get an 2A charger (instead of the
default 1A) :)

David L Sumner says:

Dat battery life O_o
Dat Camera O_o

If i weren’t a android guy and already made up my mind to get a Nexus 6
this would be my next phone…

#iPhone6 #iPhone6plus #Apple 

Richard Brügemann says:

the Battery is still bad. and you just talk how fucking big this is, but
there are so many other smartphones which are that big.
Ya the camera is nice. but the inner camera sucks so hard. We all know
youre on apples D.And it fucking bends. you just talk shit the bendgate is
on nearly every 6+. you even said it aint got one after million videos
where it got bent even in the apple store.
Pure shittalk. not more. 

Alan Schamber says:

Marques… I really like you. Really. Really really really. But truth be
told, I can easily see bias in this review. First of all… this is just a
comparison with the iPhone 6. Second, you haven’t even mention the
competition, and you usually do. We want a comparison with every other
phablet and 5,5″ phone out there, even about price. We do know, because of
twitter, your views about several things, that were NOT mentioned here.
Please, don’t sell yourself to Apple. 

Diego Freitas says:

Mkbhd Apple kiss but. The worst iPhone ever implemented, expensive, bad
construction, not well thought elarge everything and keep it there. Apple
hores comment:

TheRedTech98 says:

Awesome review man. But are you sure about these numbers on battery usage?
6 hours screen on + 23 hours standby = only 39% drop ???
6 hours usage = at least 60% drop
23 hours standby = at least 4% drop.
Either I misunderstood or the battery life on this thing is great.
Let me stick to my Z3 for now…

GuyWithTheThings says:

Nexus 6: Too big for me
LG G3: I would totally get it, but the volume and power button on the back
isn’t the most amazing thing IMO
HTC One M8: Amazing. Don’t like the camera though
OnePlus One: Just not interested
iPhone 6: Little small, no OIS
iPhone 6+: Seems to be just right for me. I’d love it even more though if
it ran Android L with integration in Apple’s Device ecosystem because I
have a RMBP and iPad Air 2.

And now let the hate begin for me stating my opinions…

sdm107 says:

I didn’t really feel like this was a review. For example you didn’t compare
it to other phones such as the nexus or lg G3. You didn’t really give much
of an option on it other than comparing it to the standard iPhone 6. I love
all your videos but I think this could have been better

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