Apple iPad Pro Trailer 2

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gregg Steele says:

OMG I so really want one now the iPad Pro looks cool

Najmou Acheraf says:


Ferrari Testarossa says:

Go and buy it for demnid!

Tay Mohammed says:

Apple iPad Pro

Ferrari Testarossa says:

Screw you. I gonna wait for iPad pro 2!

Frederick Gonzales says:

I can't wait to see the iPad Pro 3 in 2017

Frederick Gonzales says:

I love that iPad Pro

Frederick Gonzales says:


Frederick Gonzales says:

If there is an iPad Pro their could be an iPad noob

Zhigng T an says:

Watching with a iPad Pro 12.9 128 GB 4G LTE????

Kunal BRUH says:

when an iPad has more RAM than ur PC :(

The K P music and acting says:

I have one it is very cool

cool_person 234 says:

carbon to cover up the sound could of used that for a larger batteries

Edward Willim says:

Oh my gosh. i think I just fell in love

An Trường says:

Ellan Melque says:

eu já comprei o meu

Amit Bedi says:

can u download Snapchat and WhatsApp on ipad

Римма Гаджиева says:


Flyz it Dies says:

I'm getting the iPad Pro tomorrow
I'm so excited ☺️

Jose Ochoa says:

Que es esa basura

Jose Ochoa says:

Que es esa basura

Jesús Guillermo La Forgia Ayala says:

in love Apple

Kiss my butt Its full of shit says:

I have a pro and it is crap first the Google Plus app does not give all latest notifications and check it urself. When I went bak to apple shop they told me they av nothin to do with google+, also it has large loud speakers which are crap they start to crackle at full volume I told them as well and they said don't listen to anything at full volume, I thought wat the FUCK.. give my money back I've only had it under a month and they said no but we will replace it with a different one so I asked what a new one and I was told no a reconditioned one..
wat the fuk apple you scanking BASTARD'S

Sasfan 101 says:

Who watching in the ipad pro

Cato says:

So what? Apple released a new product, and all the Microsoft fanboys are going to call it a ripoff with the Surface, and I pose the question… if you hate Apple, why are you here?

rObOtx100 says:

Apple has made that vide already

rObOtx100 says:

You just copied and paste the vide and post it

Felipe Santana says:

Surface Pro 4 > iPad Pro

Robbie's Edward's MASSIVE business Sayers says:

i love t

pringle100 Pringle says:

True the baterria lasts for ages

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