Apple iPad mini 4: Unboxing & Review

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The all-new Apple iPad mini 4 has been completely redesigned with a thinner and lighter design, an improved retina display, new cameras and better specs. In this video I unbox and compare it to all the previous iPad minis and iPad Air 2. This video also includes benchmarks, camera demos, speaker tests, battery life, speed comparisons and much more.

Full Specs:

Quick Specs:
CPU: Apple A8 1.5Ghz Dual Core
Storage: 16/64/128GB
Display: 7.9″ Retina LCD 2048-by-1536 @ 326 ppi
iSight Camera: 8MP @ 1080p
FaceTime HD: 1.2MP @ 720p

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LOL King says:

Should I buy iPad mini 4 or Galaxy tab S2?which one Is better?

Clarence thePro says:

*1st gen ipad mini

Clarence thePro says:

I have the 1st gen ipad and i am having problem of choosing which should i buy, ipad mini 4 or ipad air 2? Which is worth it and better performance?

lina huynh says:

How come there is a white thing at the back my one doesn't have that? ????????????

Matheux John says:

Whats better samsung tab s2 or ipad mini 4 ?

hoover master says:

Can you use Google accounts on iPad?

Najma Mohamed says:

today I'm getting it

AimyDawg says:

I am still using the first generation iPad mini. Do you think I should save up for the iPad mini 4 or should I just wait?

Patrick Handog Emperador says:

love your videos good voice, reviewing, unbxing 🙂 10/10

Sswineamer69 says:

iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4?

EPIC GUY says:

The iPhone 6s plus should be the iPad mini 5

MᎯᏇ- ᏴᏆᏩ says:

my ipad mini 1 ????

Jake Steven Sheppard says:

I still have iPad mini first gen what im watching this on

Jason C says: help me to buy my Dad an iPad for medical reasons. He was t-boned by a driver who ran a red light. Used to be a nurse and now he can't remember to even drink water because of his mental issues as well as being diagnosed with dissassociative disorder because he just couldn't handle his reality. Any help is greatly appreciated. He would use the iPad for memory apps, calander for reminders and educational purposes to get back some of his life that he's lost.

Taliah The Youtuber says:

I'm watching this on my iPad mini 4 ????

Farzana Ferdous says:

what's the prize? does it costs same prize in every countries?


Watching on iPad mini 4 Silver

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