Apple iPad mini: 10 Tips & Tricks

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I came up with 10 Tips and Tricks which will help you get started & enhance your experience with the iPad mini!

I’ve been an iOS user for quite some time now. So I decided to do a video on some tips & tricks which will help you get started with your Apple iPad mini. If you are a current iPad/iPad mini user, some of these will help you enhance your experience. I aimed this video towards new and current users. Let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions.

1. Security (Passlock & Find my iPhone through iCloud)
2. Spotlight
3. Folders
4. Multitasking
5. Multitasking Gestures
6. Lock Screen & Mute button
7. Accessibility
8. Screenshot
9. Cut, Copy, Paste, Select, Select All, and Dictate
10. Reading List (Read Offline)
BONUS – Kindle App (Free) will allow you to access your kindle library & amazon book store.

What you can search in Spotlight:
– Contacts (All content)
– Apps (Titles)
– Music (Names of songs, artists, and albums, and the titles of podcasts and videos)-
– Podcasts (Titles)
– Videos (Titles)
– Audiobooks (Titles)
– Notes (Text of notes)
– Calendar (Events, Event titles, invitees, locations, and notes)
– Mail (To, From, and Subject fields of all accounts (the text of messages isn’t searched)
– Reminders (Titles)
– Messages (Names and text of messages)
– Web or Wikipedia

Thanks for Watching!

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Apple iPad mini: 10 Tips & Tricks
Apple iPad mini: 10 Tips & Tricks
Apple iPad mini: 10 Tips & Tricks


Lorna Power says:

My I pad mini goes back to home page after watching a u tube vid for 5mins
it’s very annoying how can I get it to stay on until I switch it off

HelenaMikas says:

a really great video …… I loved your presentation of this as am
thinking of getting a pad ., my mac book pro being to much to take around
…. My only reservation is how to download pics from my camera ..Help


Really , nice tips , thanks !!!

Marie Wallace says:

Does the ipad mini have the fingerprint lock screen like the iphone 6 and

Vinay John says:

Its really helpful,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thanks

Will Monroe says:

Should I get an ipad mini 2 16gb or an ipod touch 5 16gb i need to know

Jamie C says:

Great Job! Thank you for taking the time to do this video and share your
knowledge. Much appreciated! Super Excited that I can pull my kindle
information over and I would of never known had you not explained that
part! Excellent! You’ve made my day! Thanks!

Riley Dalton says:

+Marie Wallace no but the i pad air two does i think

Nathan Barrios says:

Dude, I thought you were talking about new features, not the old same type
of bullshit.

Thanks, asshole!

Toy Foxy The Fox says:

Why can I only fit 2 apps on my iPad mini?

Darlene W says:

Just got an ipad mini and your tutorial is excellent, thank sooooo much.

The Lion says:

do u live in Ukraine? if so i hope you dont get too affected by whats going
on with russia.

BasicGamer says:

Yes finally somebody who new about Ukraine before the trouble started in
it!!!Btw I have full ukranian blood except I don’t have an accent.

su san says:

very good video. now i got it how to use. thanks u so much. 

Rick Lamb says:

Thanks a lot… very good video!

Edward Arzadon says:

Were Same iPad Mini Color Mine Its Black Too

Sreekanth nair says:

is iPad better compared to iPhone5s or 6

Manny says:

Hey need help my Apple ID was stolen they change the password can you help
me pleae :(

Jennie Orrah says:

how do you place the cursor in the middle of a word please ?

Dylan Lundmark says:
Eve M says:

This is one of the best review. Very helpful brother. 

charleen rouleau says:

very helpful thank you very much for making this very detailed video.

Selena X says:

Got an iPad just today and as a person who has never used apple products
before, this has been really helpful. Thanks! :)

Miki Ke says:

I’m watching u on my iPad mini too

Patel Pintu says:

For pdf book lovers.

once you open pdf file in safari,you will find a tag “open in i-books” on
the top of screen. tap on it and get that pdf file in i-books app. You can
read it later anywhere even without internet connectivity. Thanks for
posting useful video

michael mayer says:

It helped Ty

Jervarian Robinson says:
Francessca anton says:

Hi …lots of very good info..thanks so much!

Anto Ajemian says:

Stupid i dont give a shit every one know this

dorna griffin says:

Wow why do u talk sooooo fast 

Lea Chapman says:

Wow, I knew everything lol! Guess this is for beginners not experts. And
also hope your safe if you actually do live in Ukraine!

Rick Lamb says:

trying to decide if i should buy the mini or the regular I Pad?



Julie Ortiz says:

Where do I find reading list???

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