Apple introduces iTunes in the cloud

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At the WWDC conference in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs explains the new iTunes cloud feature that will allow users to instantly put all their iTunes purchased music on all their Apple devices.


CaptainCurryGoat says:

R.i.p Steve Jobs, a true visionary

Martin C says:

As someone who is always getting music from iTunes and putting this on my iPod and iPhone, it really is a fantastic feature that has saved me so much hassle with keeping all of my devices libraries up to date and in sync! 🙂

TMBlackCat says:

now every body download songs from pirate way like me 😀 I download not buying lol

Sir. Higgins says:

Apple always makes incredible leaps forward. Once you go Mac, you'll never want to go back

Osaka says:


Adam_Ash says:

-.- buying music … im using

svoloch1 says:

@14cheetah14 haha good one bro …

Wile E. Coyote says:

@svoloch1 In the 90's a company tried to market Chuck Norris toilet paper, but it wouldn't take crap from nobody.

lucafe oteva says:

does it works with crack apps and rip music

hking725 says:

the reason this is such a big deal is because apple improved! the public likes apple the greatest!

Geir Offenberg says:

"This is the first time we've seen this in the music industry. No charge for downloads for different devices". Yeah, that WOULD have been true except that its been done exactly like this for a long time and for other formats than only apples own. Even linux ubuntu does this in ubuntu one cloud music store. Glad they are syncing with ther est of the world, but no need to lie about it. UNless they actually belive it because they are so unaware what goes on outside of apple.

JP Marrazzo says:

what if you don't want the song that somebody bought. For example: What if your sister bought Justin Beiber music and you hate him like I do?

Groovy. says:

Big goddamn deal. Android, Winamp, Steam had Cloud computing for years.

svoloch1 says:

The only person that has an iphone with a whole apple on it is Chuck Norris !

svoloch1 says:

@trloatis big time 🙂

svoloch1 says:

@MrFlibble2011 whats the guarantee ? I guess im not the only one who thinks you are stupid…

Eric Bejarano says:

Psn does this already with its media……good of you to catch up Apple

NickCoIn says:

Many countries still don't have iTunes music store, they no need for iTunes in cloud.

Bluntski says:

Apple fails at everything lol. cloud computing is old news and android had it in 08.
Apple is the new Microsoft. Control Control Control thats what it is all about with these proprietary giants

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