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When I say I have been through it this week, I mean it!! And I know if you’re watching this video, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Reset, reboot, change password, change security questions, reboot again, log in log out, phone calls to apple just to be transferred to the itunes department and be on hold for 30 minutes and never talked to anyone there, and trips to the apple store where no one in there had any clue about how to help me. I did a lot of research and I found A lot of people over the years have had this problem happen to them and I never could find a clear answer and I don’t know if they did either…I just about threw the towel in on my years long apple id and 6-month-old iphone. I really wanted to give up.


Paradise Mami says:

When I create a new apple ID, it won't let me use my ACTUAL Gmail, should I make a fake one? @September Rain

Avakin MamiKenna says:

With android I wouldn't have this problem.

Abraam Funes says:

Yeah fuck apple samsung Is better

Mis Kandi says:

So you have to sign out of your ID on the phone..not just the App Store? Cuz I did all this for the App Store thinking it would work and I got the same message.

Kim Namjoon says:

That's what happend to me and it's been like this for like a year.

TopFlightSecurity415 says:

was tryin to buy this album today an my ID has been disabled …this is why i only have an ipod touch an nothing else from apple, no phones , i pads , earphone nothing…all they care about is the money and not helping customer

Sidra Omar says:


gets 99 problems

me: TF

Dontay Arrington says:

How is Apple make in money with this stupid shit

Sheila Folan says:

Same problem is happening to me 😡

Hasan Uddin says:

i am forgetted my apple id and email id please help

TheEpicClasher Gaming & More! says:

Lol I made my video then I saw this same thing lol! Nice video too! Most of these tutorials are dumb

China nebulous says:

ok so I made a new Apple ID BUT I can only update some apps, one app I had spent money on it but I'm afraid I will lose the progress. I had another device and was connected to that game and deleted it to make sure the progress will save but NOPE had to restart everything again. now my app is stuck in the update sign and can't use it again.

Crucible gamer 2000 says:

I would love to do this but you might won't to speak up

Geaux Crypto says:

So your solution is to make a new account? Are you fucking stupid

Mark B says:

Go to 1:40 secs your welcome

Danny de Hek says:

Well how about this one "Your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, you must verify your identity." see

This is the message that I’ve been getting every week for the last six or seven months. Over that time, I’ve had five senior support staff promising me that they will stand by me until my problem is fixed.
Why is it a big deal for me? Did you know each time you need to reset your password you can not use the old password you need to create a new password that you have not used in the last 12 months, then log back and each device, I have 3 x Apple TV’s, 1x MacBook Pro, 1x Time Capsule and 1 x iPhone6 Plus, I also need to setup 2 x app-specific passwords for software programs I use, so this all takes about 30 mins to get me back online and it happens when I am running a meeting using a powerpoint on my MacBook Pro.
There is a pattern 95% of the time I am requested to reset my password it’s 7:50 am just about every Thursday.
Apple Support
Yes they have been very nice and have suggested all sorts of stuff, asked me not to re-login into any apple device when I get the message “Your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, you must verify your identity” They asked me to do this so they can look at the logs, Apple Support can not even tell me the country the request are coming from! as they said “they do not keep IP addresses privacy reasons”
I asked them this…
So if you know somebody’s Apple ID for example or you can continuously login to the user account with the wrong password even if you do not know there password and after a few failed attempts this will force the users account to be reset, as my one is happening mostly at 7:50 am just about every Thursday it must be a robot that is trying to hack my Apple ID and the fact that they don’t get the password right does not even matter!
My question was even as I have Two-factor Authentication and I need to allow a device to access my Apple ID before it can means it should not matter that a person or robot continuously tried to submit the wrong password.
Maybe you are experiencing similar problems and have been searching for answers? I’d love to get some feedback email

Christian jay Dalina says:

Ill stick with orange


Thank you 😊

Minecraft&Spider-ManFTW JustinBieber&PeppaPigFTL says:

You need to stop blurring things and I don't have a computer so I'm disliking

Raí Joseph says:

Do we NEED to turn off find my iPhone before we make a new id 🙂

Mulekgamer says:

How do I sign in into my new apple ID from the computer?

First Name Last Name says:

Is there a way you can do all that without a computer? Because I don't have one..

SlimeyReaper says:


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