Apple ibook

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This is a video about apple’s ibook ( its great !)

Btw , Il buy the apple ibook soon , and im so excited x3.


Josh Brunner says:


lepersamongus21 says:

i love my iBook G4. this is a really old video. it’s a G3!

bloodykunai1993 says:

mac makes me a horny fanboy.

TheREALcollab says:

anyone know if any ibooks have intel processors?

arnolddisco says:

Because it was 2001

James Dwyer says:

*Cough, Cough* Macbook Air……

Ian Hurley says:

It’s funny to watch this 4 + years on

J25x says:

Macs are fuckin sexy. Yes computer’s can be sexy, I’m not a nerd.

cheezymmm says:

I love my 12 inch PowerBook…:D

bradd418 says:

I watched this on a 14″. It looks underpowered on paper, but until you pull
it out of the box and turn it on for the 12st time you will never know how
well they actually work. I <3 iBook. ((((APPLE I <3 U))))

colinatlantic says:

@mustangman442002 lol my iphone has a 16 gig

carboncocoa says:

That video is from over 3 years ago! They didn’t stop making it. The
MacBook is the new iBook – Upgradable to 120 GB, Pyroboy.

Dusty Dust says:

@J25x “computer’s?”

waaasssuuuupp says:

well, it’s still great!!!

Josh Brunner says:

I wanted one of these SOOOO bad back in the day 🙂

Gregz0r1 says:

@ 3:50 It’s… a WOMAN who works for Apple in an Apple ad!! o_O

JorJorArmany says:

5 year passes really fast… now we have macbook pro! Thanks Apple… =)

Neel Suthar says:

my iphone is more powerful than that thing. .. and ill be saying the
samething about my current macbookpro in 10 years when the iphone 14 is out

JamesL91 says:

“Mark my words we are gonna take these beautiful ibooks , AND SHOVE THEM UP
YOUR ASSHOLE” Lol , i want one just for that.

taitaisanchez says:

I love Jony Ive’s work to death, however, he needs to do something to NOT
look like a threatening football hooligan. I’m half expecting him to come
out on stage during WWDC and go, “Did you see that ludicrous display last

Garrison Hayes says:

I cant wait to get my G3…..Oh..the milky goodnes…

Tradgorbian says:

i want an ibook so much even though i love hp not so sure about microsoft

alcocvik1 says:

so long ago….

TommieHI says:

not when it came out it wasnt.

jameswithaxe says:

sure nows there 3000 gb hard drives

hamoodheadlol says:

the guy is gay he used to say that im a 13 years old virgin whore who
enjoys lip singing

min47pgl says:


arnolddisco says:

Depends what OS

sleepzou says:

Where is my iphone 5?

arcanists8972 says:

=o I want one so badly =D

foozzel says:

because mac os 10 was still in beta

jameswithaxe says:

great iBook! i just got myself a Macbook! it’s been great! GO APPLE!!!!!

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