Apple iBook G4 Mid 2005 PowerPC (2016 Review)

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Within this video we will take a look at the Apple iBook G4 Mid 2005 and see how well this computer holds up to this day and age of 2016.

iBook G4 Mid 2005
1.33Ghz PowerPC G4
512Mb of RAM
ATI Radeon 9550 with 32 MB of VRAM
12inch Display
USB 2.0

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Blaze says:

Wish I had a iBook G4 I just have a mac mini lol.

Nick Smith says:

I have one of the g3 ibooks this style still boots!

heidelbeere says:

mono speakers and only line out 😉

superstar64 says:

To me, if you're going to run leopard on this, upgrade the ram because it's really SSSSSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWWWW. If not, downgrade to OS X tiger

John Paul Gabriel Zuluaga says:

Can I smash it ???

TechTV says:

i have a Thinkpad T60 witch is a good alternative to the PPC mac books and unlike the C2D and Core Duo Macbooks, i can upgrade my CPU, my T60 dual boots Ubuntu MATE and Windows XP SP3, i own a T61P witch is a Good alternative to the Macbook Pros i gave my T61P a 60GB SSD replaced the T7700 with a Core 2 Duo T9500 4GB of ram and a Fresh install of Zorin OS 9, i also might be acquiring a R61 with no trackpad but only if the person still has some in stock when it gets to the weekend.

EverythingNewUnderThe Son says:

watching this on my ibook g4 right now 😀

jippalippa says:

Good Video.

Nick Lasagne says:

Still have my g4. works pretty well when i need it. kek

Titania Evil says:

Where can i buy the charger?

Titania Evil says:

I got this back in 2004 as a gift… i still ha e bc is so cute, now i now apple is good but lost the charger. Can i play games on this? Can i update it? I want it for my 6 year old to play roblox

greiger100 says:

Apple iBook g4 uses an Airport Extreme card, which IS user replaceable. Where can I buy a battery? I have an iBook G4, near perfect condition… however the battery is at the end of its life cycle.

atarixle says:

Just some thoughts on your video: I have the iBook G4 from 2004 with 1.2GHz, 1.5GB RAM, 32MB Video RAM. It has no transparent Menu Bar, and no two-finger-scrolling. The Airport Card works well, and yes, it can handle modern Wifi-Networks encrypted using WPA2. Of course it can not handle modern bandwiths, such as 5GHz or so. So I have the dongle on my iBook G3, which strangely cannot handle my WPA(1) encrypted network (while it can handle the WPA or mixed WPA/WPA2 network at my parent's home, it can handle WEP, and unencrypted in my home too – but that is a too weak encryption). Additionally, the software-WPA shipped in 10.3.9 and 10.4.x and above does usa a lot of CPU power. Long story short, I also have the dongle-software on my iBook G3, and you can also Quit the network utility completely rather than just closing the window. Last but not least, you iBook looks like brand new! grats! mine is slightly yellowed, and has some scratches and so. But it still works fine. Oh, and btw, LibreOffice 3 works too, which actually is the same version as in Debian Old Stable. So it might be called "supported" in a widely spread meaning 😉

Marco Sartori says:

how long did a new battery last?

Raymundo Huicab says:

how to install leopard in this ibook?

Deadninja gaming roblox,vlogs,so much dislikes says:

My library teacher has a ibook G4 and she says it works good

Marz Shox says:

Review MacTubes please. The stand alone client that runs youtube videos better on G3/G4. (Streams and has built in search query)

Thepsngamerkid says:

How can i download Doom or Any Free ibook games

NocturnalLeo says:

i dont get it, dont you need 1gb for leopard?

GlaciatorGaming says:

the next dell0304

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