Apple iBook G3 “Clamshell” laptop computer

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Apple’s iconic iBook G3 “Clamshell” laptop, with a case design that was both functional and fashionable. Available in various flavors including Blueberry, Tangerine, and Key Lime.


Niall Asher says:

God I have two of them… (w/ 1 yoyo adapter), lost the decal after like one month. DAMN IT!

itsGeorgeAgain says:

Love this laptop, especially in orange, don't like it's power plug.

Touka Kureha says:

3:48 load of bullshit

Touka Kureha says:

2:47 ?

CreeperCraftUploads says:

You need to download more ram onto that thing.

ipcw8280 says:

So how much did you pay for it?

ersterhernd says:

3:40 static electricity in your DSL modem?  Good God how stupid do they think people are?

asdfghjkl28845 says:

I have a 600MHz iBook G3 Snow with 128 MB of RAM, upgraded to 640 MB, a 20GB HDD, OSX 10.4.11, and a CD drive. I use it as my secondary laptop. 

Doctor Celly says:

Nice to see you review a piece of garbage. I was getting sick of those computer reviews

yutuniopati says:

look like a toy

Jackpkmn says:

Browser for an old machine like this:

If you have a Lithium battery for it the battery can be rebuilt with new 18650 cells from eBay for relatively cheap.

zoeahz says:

Absolutely loving the 60 frames video support now! Looks very nice 

MT441HD says:

who needs an i7 for smooth computing

Slot1Gamer says:

have you seen the video where they put a macbook air inside one of these guys

iHeartU2ube says:

Was I.E bad on the early Apple laptops?

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