Apple G4 iMac Introduction Video

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Apple G4 iMac 7-minute introduction video


Josh S says:

I have a iMac g4 and it needs a new display

Aaronn sixx says:

where could you buy one of these now?

Honda ASIMO says:

New Millennium machine


i think G4s are rare when I was 8.

PromotingTheBeat says:

I wish this would be created in a new version today, I wouldn't think twice about buying it.

Jonathan Lopez says:

Love this model! work of art!

thesignsoflife7 says:

Kirk Franklin – Stomp
Chicane – Halcyon
Paul Simon – Kodachrome
Seal – This Could Be Heaven
Euphoria – Sweet Rain
Take My Heart Away – Johnny Clegg & Savuka
Some of the best music in existence.

Jorge Campos says:

mine is 1.25ghz 20inch model

S East says:

I still consider this the best iMac design. I'm a big fan of modern monitors on large flexible necks.

Eliazer Gonzalez says:

What is that song in the beginning of the video?

Creepersh Originals says:

still have mine

juan antonio says:

Hello nice video. I need your help.
My best regards

KurwaAntics says:

The iMac is powered up without the power cord?

xxblackkshadowxx says:

This brings back soo many memories

Daniel Meagher says:

Apple commercials used to be so fun and cheesey. Now they're all quiet, plain and boring.

Gage Parker says:

I have one of those and I love it! I would say its SEXY!

Matthew Grubb says:

Love what they did with it in this video! I want one now. 

trainsandroads says:

I saw one today, and now I really want it.

AshtonPhoto says:

Fun fact. The G is for generation. 

John Paul Sturniolo says:

still the best looking mac ever made

Lagarto Tv says:

John Ive think  in the next generation of iMac…. Remeber de iMac G4

SharkNT Gonzalez says:

iMac G4 Amaziiing!! 

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