Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook

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an Apple engineer explains how they developed the new 2015 Macbook and the day Tim Cook saw it for the first time.

Original Source: Risitas y las paelleras:

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Stevy Maradona says:

whos watching this feb 2017? yaiy!

Xke k says:

This video is smells like a shit.

Spazz - agario says:

I farted in an apple store
They kicked me out
Hey it was not my fault that they didn't have Windows

Walking Far Away says:

Hhhhhh man you brought tears to my eyes…. This is hilarious as hell loool

Eugene B says:

I don't need the subtle this man laughing is making laugh till tears comes out ???

mnotsureifserious says:

The video and user icon at the end won't go away if I disable annotations and it's blocking the screen, wtf youtube

Anthony Shinn says:

They should have put a Chinese guy speaking….Chinese!

joe del rosario says:

bravo bravo man…funniest shit i've seen in a long time…genius your an absolute genius…very well done

Mr KSZ says:

I am dying hahahahahaha This is so funny! Although I get confuse since I can understand what he is saying.

Ju manji says:

Yo every time I'm a bad mood I just watch this ????????????????????

Marius Aitean says:

Oh man ?????

Kit Network says:

Check out my iteration of this parody over at my channel! Much appreciated!

TechnoFreak says:

watching on macbook air.I Hate the new macbook. R.I.P Steve Jobs. Everything said is a harsh reality of new macbook !

Sychonut says:

0:29 "It's true!"

Shreedhar Jajoo says:

I like the 2015 macbook pro better than the 2016 shit one

Carlos Loquendo says:

Por qué mierda puros gringos!! Además ni los subtitulos son reales alv

lzhlzh says:

didnt bloomberg just say apple was testing a diff batery(tht didnt work out, so apple had to revert to an old battery design at the last minute) for mbp 2016..oh dam im late to the party

Rule 44 says:

What happened to the Glock one? That was just as funny

anarky4321 says:

ONE PORT that almost nothing, INCLUDING YOUR OWN FUCKING PHONES, uses in 2016

i can only stand up and clap because how this company continues to be #1 is a fucking mystery to me

Josh Goldsworthy says:

this one's shit.

Ronald Teoh says:

laugh.exe has stopped working.

EagleOneoOne says:

LMBO! I'm trying not to spit cereal all over my computer screen!

Namn Lös says:

Unbelievable he can sit and talk about this on a talk show. Steven will rollover in his grave. He looks like a drunk too, damn hipster

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