Apple Engineer Talks about the Apple Watch

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Apple engineer speaking about the new Apple Watch!

This video is inspired from Armando Ferreira video Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook. Please watch it first-

This video is just made for the entertainment purpose. I’m not earning any money from this video as it is not monetized by me.


Adrian Pier0 says:

Ohh Hippity hoppitus

Otori Springer says:

oh my god .. gotta change my underwear … haaahaa

ItsMe Cat says:

The one guy with on tooth should give to the the guy with more teeth maybe if they get more teeth he will have a full set

brashmadcap says:

Even as a die-hard Apple fan and happy Apple Watch owner, this is hilarious

Pepite Fundamentals says:

If you look closely, you will see that he is not really an apple engineer

Rabbani Rasha says:

Not funny. The Macbook air's was better!

Idnyc Kachelmann says:

ich bepiss mich immer noch!!! jetzt über die "Iwatch"

MozzBytes says:

That is hilarious. Love it.

Chilli_Playz says:

He's not even saying those words

DeathlyHall0w says:

HTC tooth m9

Petar Cmrečki (Cmecki) says:

Do Spanish people have something against teeth?

chacal Fagundes says:

Só tem  um dente mas, é bem cuidado

Daniells Wabuge says:

Where can I get the original video?

A. Lawrence says:

Too funny!   Apple could sell over priced toilet paper and people would buy it.    One my my friends bought a $700.00 Apple Watch.   Does it tell time I asked.   He told he about all its great features and how you have notifications on your wrist.   I counterred with but you have a iPhone.   He said but I would have to take out my pocket.

Yep , saving that extra step is worth $700.00

PJ MasterDiddy says:

Pull that fucking tooth. Now.

Crafter66 says:

hilarious omg!

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