Apple EarPods: Unboxing and Review

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The All-New EarPods replace the existing Apple headphones and the improvement is massive!




1998k18 says:

I love these pair of earpods.

Τάσος Παραστατίδης says:

Grrr.. I tried everything and these still fall from my ears… There is no way that apple made a mistake… Maybe my ears have the problem.
Any advice for good plastic surgeon?

Hampoon says:

What be a headphone jack? Lol

Stefan Hudson says:

I remember I was only 8 when those earphones were out

Drew Merritt says:

Watching this on a pair of these

Nick Wilde says:

why does your voice sound different

xGadez p says:

im using it while watching this vid ….BASS

Night GaMeR6 says:

can this earpod work with android?

bloody meatball says:

Should i buy a pair of this for my iPhone 4s or some Sennheiser or JBL one?

Issac Miranda says:

how much does it cost

Nacho Garcia says:

Can someone check theirs and tell me if they have 1 or 2 lines in the earpiece? I saw some with 1 and mine have 2, are mine fake?

Adelene yeh says:

And I have the case too

Adelene yeh says:

I got mine yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nasser says:

Went through 3 of them so far 🙁

They're good but not lasting!!!

ItAshley says:

Idk why iPods don't get a nice carrying case so we won't screw up the wire….Another reason why I hate apple….

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