Apple Byte – Will the iPhone 6 be iPod Touch thin?

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New physical mockups and comparisons point to the next iPhone being as thin as the iPod Touch. iWatch samples are under production and new MacBook Airs with speed bumps are here.


Rainbow Sprinkles16 says:

I've seen some iphone 6 's that is really wide and bigger, and were you can make a projectable( not spelled right?) keyboard and screen and one were you can see your hand when your phone is in like invisibility or something are some of these tricks rumors or are they real?! I'm interested in the projectable keyboard phone can any one lead me to a link or something plz reply back!!!!!
Plzzzzz I'm stuck w/ the 4s

Kyle Antoine says:

If they make the iphone as the iPod touch, the battery life will be horrible…

semiautoriflelover1 says:

Apple has no style now, Steve Jobs would be rolling over in the grave. Look so boring, 

garriguy says:


COD “UltraKill” Zack says:

It's a atom thinner. What the f*** is the difference.

Jonathan Delgado says:

What about the ipod 6? will it come out this September?

Dhruv Kapur says:

it actually is

Sam Harrison says:


Ashley De Souza says:

Dont bother watching the lame try hard skit past 5:10min. Brian your trying to be someone your not. CNET gotta be thinking about getting rid of you at this point.

Long John says:

i spy yeezy foams (:

Joseph C says:

Apples prices are ridiculous. They sell laptops for $999 and up, and it probably only costs $2-300 to make it with manufacturing in china. Ridiculous! A price cut of $100 won't convince me

Ricardo E. says:

That ending tho XD

SuperButch888 says:

hahaha….apple used to be the benchmark for smart phones….but it seems it just follows whats trendy and new from the android smart phones….even the hyping of the upcoming iphone 6 is not that fantastic anymore….hmmmmm iphone have lost its magic….so sad.

Mr Nico says:

wy yu no HD?!!?

Diva Killer says:

I want the iPhone 6 looks like am iphone 5s. The ipod touh cjis ugly. 

SilenceTearz says:

i hope the iphone 6 wont look like the ipod touch

Kayla Elaine says:

Do you think when iphone 6 comes out the 5s will be 99$(usd) and the 5c will be free on two year contacts?

Cory Tyler says:

Love the comedy!

juxtapoix says:

New hairstyle please

Апо Маринов says:

what i hate about that all round design of the iphone is that is all round and it doesnt have an edge on the display side

Remy van den Nouweland says:

Still hates that Apple brings products that cost 799 dollar straight to the Netherlands for 799 euro's what should be 573,38 euro …. 

Blake Stl says:


Sajal Chodha says:

its only in 240p

Stefan Dobre says:

god i hate their little sketches :D

Utubemanxan H says:

Don't buy anker tempered glass screen protectors

bacnorleans says:

The ending ????

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