Apple Byte – What to expect in iOS 8

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Apple’s next mobile OS will bring Healthbook, improved Maps, and a possible revamp of iTunes. Plus, iWatch rumors point to a fall release and our Gelaskins giveaway.


Karl Brown says:


iRockyouh1 says:

Would I be able to jailbreak my iphone with iOS 8? 

TalcoPowderBay says:

80% of teens have an iphone!?

Ricardo Cazares says:

Of course you're prone to sunburn, everyone is…including African Americans 

Raybluecow-original says:

Whats best mac or win 7/8 i guess im gonna buy a macbook

jdbabyv3 says:

Who cares about Fitness features?!?!? ___ 

onelight80 says:

It seems Apple is aiming at teens now because they know that most teens are stupid and are easily swayed. Getting desperate Apple? 

Sarah Fridley says:

How come I've never heard of Time Warner? Is that only on the west coast?

Phoowanat jirachaiprasit says:

Oh!!! i watch have nature ersemble samsung gear fit.

ecsposur says:

Brown people are just as susceptible to skin cancer as the Whites.

Paimware Studios says:

well maybe ill go next year, cause i just uploaded my first app today 🙂

wish me luck!


or, you can buy a nokia lumia and get everything mentioned

hi6147 says:

This is stuff Google has already done with Android… Im in The middle of nowhere Oklahoma and i get perfect directions

Liam Parsons says:

hope iOS 8 will be avalible to the iPhone 4

K[ILL]ermaster says:


Faethe says:

Why do Apple fans insist on believing in artist renderings for products that can't possibly exist yet? A 3mm HD screen watch isn't happening this year, folks. The tech doesn't exist.

That guy commenting says:

These videos are so hard to find…

Anthony Bafaro says:

You can still get sun burned

RandomTechS@#T says:

No Apple = No Android of today

TheSoapTube says:

Anyone ever just want to subscribe to this one cnet show?

TheMaster007101 says:

It's oh-key-moe, no oh-keh-mo

D3ATHSC1TH3 says:

It's called Monopoly which are ILLEGAL. How are they going to let this pass? Freaking rich people are on some meth and crack.

Anthony Ramirez (xKillerMaverick) says:

why would you say samsung why :D

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