Apple and Steve Jobs’ Biggest Mistakes Ep 1 – The Macintosh

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The first episode in a miniseries about Steve Jobs’ and Apple Computer’s mistakes. I take a look at their two leading products in 1986.


Ethan Gilbert says:

What are the lines going down the screen?

Cactus the cactus says:

Enjoy Slurm

owchywawa says:

Something I noticed, however, is that the Apple IIgs didn't come out until late 1986, which is two years after the original macintosh. That should probably be factored into this analysis.

Mohammed Neckbeard says:

Steve Jobs was a prototypical sociopath. Nothing he did made actual sense other than hyping himself.

Matty Mac says:

…lack of eject button was up there too…

toshineon says:

This just made me remember that my family got a Macintosh Classic II in the 90's, and we had that damn thing all the way until 2001 when we got a Windows computer instead.

A Plus Tech says:

"Overpriced and underpowered"
1984 – Present Day

Riley Deans says:

does the fact he hasnt made another episode prove his apple fanboy status?

Rossi Thomas says:

When the episode 2? ;-)

An Ano says:

I'd say treating his cancer with alt medicine and holistic bs might have been a bigger mistake

Severity One says:

As a company, I don't really like Apple, nor do I like their products. Mind, the first computer I worked was a TRS-80 Model I, and I've worked my way through more processor architectures, programming languages and operating systems than I care to remember, to my current job using Java. When I played a bit with Mac OS 9, it would crash on me all the time. OS 9 was a mess.
Their products are really dumbed-down, and considering that I've hand-optimised 68000 assembler to the last cycle, I don't need that. I want control of my systems.
Neither do I like their business practices, and how they dodged some €13.5 BILLION in taxes.
However, their ability to completely turn around or even create a market is awesome and unparalleled. They essentially broke the Finnish economy by making Nokia irrelevant. They know EXACTLY what consumers want, or what consumers think they want, and deliver it. And all their product just work, which Microsoft, Google and Samsung are catching up with, but aren't quite there yet.
For that, I admire them.

Rick Patterson says:

Windows 1.01 had color as a first OS. System 1.0 on the other hand. NOPE

Ke Ni says:

I remember my first computer experience – it was Mac B-W screen. I couldn't understand its purpose after playing lemmings. Although we didn't use such a phrase back then, I did think think the equivalent of 'Whatevaahhh'.
I'm so happy Apple has improved its game since then and over come the hurdles of MS and Good and SS and the US DOJ and the patent system, but why can't they release an iOS update that doesn't have glitches??

PS – great vid! Brings back the memory(s)! And I think this is where people in general began hating on Apple with the stupid shite they pulled with IIGS and Mac.
Buuuut it was the Mac that supported Apple with the profits to keep going, so go figure.

Gameplay and Talk says:

I didn't realize the IIGS was as strong as it was. With your examples, it definitely seems like the Mac was a step backwards.

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