Apple Airport Extreme for cheap wireless!

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In this video I talk about the Apple Airport Extreme (Snow) unit that was produced in 2003. It supports 802.11b and 802.11g wireless and will work with modern equipment. They can be purchased for around $20 on eBay. I’m using one as a secondary access point to extend my range, but I’m not using the WDS (Wireless distribution system) because my house is wired for ethernet. it works with the iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, or Windows PCs without any issues.


Robert Gaines says:

I like the eighties themed music at the end.

Charming_Prism says:

The most sophisticated obsolete network I've ever seen.

Josh Bernard says:

it's such an ugly device

Justin Kelly says:

Y'know, the funny thing is, I was just watching a previous video of his, and I was wondering what this thing was on his wall. Next video to play answered my question.

palmtree486 MC says:

it looks like a smoke detector with an apple logo

AmCharley says:

i actually hate this channel its so cringe

Squeakers says:

this is the second spelling mistake in his videos. This time it was wireless. he put wireles


Wireless still sucks.

krantz55 says:

I use this to be a printer server on my fax with my 5th Gen Extreme, and 6th Gen AC Extreme. I just turned it into bridge mode and created a hidden network on the AirPort G Extreme. Works great!

Fireclaw Studios says:

"So just make sure it's white in color and you should be good." -8-bit Guy 2013

Vuk Radovic says:

Can this work as extender for DSL connection?

ilcool90 says:

Bought one myself because to connect older devices because they have issues to connect with modern modems

Adam Brown says:

"Just be sure it is white in color and you should be good." – 8 Bit Guy January 9, 2013.

FSAPO says:

Or, for even less, just buy a TP-Link N300 router from Amazon for $20 which will vastly outperform this.

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