Apple 13″ MacBook Disassembly and Repair video

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In this video, I’ll walk you through the process of taking apart a 13″ plastic Macbook to replace a backlight inverter. Even if you want to just replace an optical drive, airport card, or other part this is still the video for you!


Justin Dart says:

Wow, what some hard shit

Anal Prolapse In My Bum When I'm Filled With Cum By Onii-Chan And His Friends While I'm A Cumdump says:

whats a backlight inverter why u throw it out

Bill Mic says:

+8 bit guy can you like super mod a white old macbook please

James Beaumont says:

Do you know what the maximum RAM is for a macbook 5,2 from mid 2009 and also if it can take DDR4 RAM? In addition to this the battery lock on my macbook is broken and I am unsure of how to fix it. Thanks.

star43able says:

Can you work on mine?

Angel Jimenez says:


Luis Eduardo says:

I got a early 2008 MacBook and it overheat after ussing it abaut 10 minutes someone help please? HOW CAN I FIX IT

Donell Deremer says:

great video

Billy Kapanek says:

if i want to just remove the optical drive and not put a new one back in can i just leave the cables not attached to anything?

Douglas Collin says:


radostin04 says:

Damn apple, you got SCREWED

Chris of All Trades says:

Have you ever bought one off Ebay that was infested with roaches?

Crede says:

And this is why I work on Dell computers

MrTalentjes says:

are there 2 speakers and 1 sub?

Marcio Costa says:

Modern 12" Macs are sooooooooooooooooo simpler!

Donny Slander says:

And I thought my aspire 4740 was annoying to disassemble xD

Keir Griswold (dat lane boi) says:

those 2006-2008 macbooks suck. the late 2008 (aluminium) one, and the plastic unibody (2009-2011) ones are much easier to take apart.

TheGameBoyMaster says:

You should do an episode when you combine two computers to make a custom one or something like that

Robloxs Xtremeguy says:

You should create a playlist for your macbook repair vids, I really like them.

manystar says:

I need your help, i have the same laptop but it wont start up also when the charger is pluged the light doesnt turn on, i bought a new charger and i replaced the magsafe board, but the charger conector doesnt light up. Evidently isnt the charger or the magsafe board (since both are new) , can u please tell me what it could possibly be? thank you

Alex Gaming says:

i want a macbook since my last gaming laptop died but,but THEYR'E SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE IN EUROPE

lonewolfette says:

Backlight… in December 2012, I had the backlight go completely on my mid-2009 MacBook. The screen was just black. Now I know what they had to do to fix it. ;)

lucky momoh says:

god job, very neat and precise.

Jacob Kalnitsky says:

Thanks a lot.

Doomguy says:

Fuckin' hell, laptops are a goddamn nightmare to work with compared to desktops. Having to mess around with all those core components, doing a near full disassembly just to be able to detach a screen! shudder

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