Aly & Fila Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016

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Aly & Fila Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016

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José Ricardo says:

37:43] 10/ ReOrder & Ferry Tayle – Tomorrowworld [FSOE]

cesar ricardo luna says:

Destrucción total ????????????

another dimension says:

53:25 the man with the mustage

Carlos Otero says:

no faltaba siempre un chileno metido en todas xd

Trường Đào says:

love from Vietnam

Aihen Zullyns says:

love trance ????????????????????, AMAZING????

Johnny Kham says:

Plus, these are the real crowds, most of them just like that trap and future bass what not. Trance and House are the best EDM genre.

Johnny Kham says:

Trance is the real shit! Fuck that Trap and Future Bass shit. Trance makes you nostalgic!

Erwin Krause says:

one of the best sets i have ever heared! 😀 check out my playlist if you want to listen to some good trance 😉

musicPMA says:

Seeing the joy in the crowd is priceless

MrPoldekrosmol says:

3:19 is that right guy smoking pot? xD

The Initiator says:

That's amazing 4: A&Z – Noir[FSOE 457] Reveal

Jerry Tabor says:

Now this is Trance wow kick ass……loved the entire set from start to finish…..All of the old trance dj's who used to play trance could learn something from this set….Tiesto being the biggest let down…

Michael Rooker says:

there was a blind guy omg

mrbaca200 says:

14.08.2016 poland club ekwador world of music presents aly&fila

Skeeter Lima says:

Trance always puts a smile in my face

Viktor Samokhlebov says:

Лучший DJ планеты!!!

Amran A says:

True trance!

Anahí Sánchez says:

49:35 FEAR

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