All About Apple Music & iTunes 12.2 Live

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Our class all about Apple Music & iTunes 12.2. This class was taught live via on 7/10/15. In this class David will review the various features of the music service, several tips and tricks, and demos on both the iPhone and Mac.

Links to Websites Mentioned In This Class
Transfer Spotify to iTunes with StAMP:


arun joseph says:

how to transfer songs from Mac to iPhone without removing songs which already on iPhone

PromotingTheBeat says:

I wanted to like and use Apple Music but they destroyed my playlists, didn't allow me to add songs from my iTunes to Apple playlist, etc. I had to re-add my playlist from an archive to get some back ( lost some others )…

I dont think Apple Music is good for people who have collections of their own on their machines. It is better for those starting out building one.

Michelle Lewis says:

Dave, I have Apple 6s. The music that I purchased from iTunes keeps coming on when I don't want it to. How can I shut it off or disable it?

Bob Marsh says:

Why in the world are some of my downloaded songs greyed out? Very annoying. If you have a tip of info I would appreciate.

Mike and Mandy Perkins says:

Thanks David for yet another great video!

S. Valentinova says:

Also, I find itunes terribly complex! I just need to move/copy my pictures/music/videos between devices, and that's it, I know which pictures/songs/videos I want to move, but i can't do it intuitively and i am watcingh videos now 🙂 It is really too complicated…

S. Valentinova says:

Thank you David! I am new to iphone and mac and I discovered a bug when transferring my pics to pc when using windows explorer. when I cut the photos from iphone to pc, pictures don't delete on the iphone and I cannot connect iphone with pc anymore (window just closes automatically). I fix this issue when I manually delete the cut pictures (which I cut/moved from the iphone to the pc, which weren't deleted). After I manually delete the pictures from the iphone bug is solved. Maybe this will be helpful to apple. Have a great day! Thank you!

Connor Pownell says:

How do you delete stations

Andy Orton - Southpaw guitar UK says:

i think for me ill stick to buying music i like rather than the subscription apple music

Andy Orton - Southpaw guitar UK says:

great tutorial thank you. i agree with the branding issue, they seem to be out of touch with their customer base too.

Bob Koch says:

To disable connect in itunes, open itunes settings, click on "Parental" and then check the box "Apple music connect"

rick Farrell says:

Can use put Apple music to your iphone or iPod ?

Kyle Piira says:

So in reality it's more of a 3 month public beta than a 3 month trial I guess.

78l we4 says:

Deleted voice memo and I still have the voice memo I deleted on my
itunes. Which means they automatically saved it on my pc. Why do they
always do this ? I can't even delete the voice memo. There is no delete
Itunes is an endless cycle of pain.
Can anybody keep replying to me to help me out ? I'm not gonna ask the official apple anymore.
I asked everywhere and can't find a clue how to use this stupid thing.
I learned sony vegas photoshop etc but non was more difficult than this.

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