Airport Card Installed into iBook G3

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Installing an original airport card into an iBook G3. offers Mac Repair as well as Data Recovery Nation Wide! We specialize in Mac Screen Repair as well as Liquid Damage.

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MaKeWaY TogETher says:

hi i really need somebody to help me ,i got recently ibook 2003 in 10.3 ,it fully working ,i changed i internet provider to wep ,i fully loading pages and all but youtube videos and sites really badly scripted ,what can i do to my ibook to upgrade really ,that it can fully function in our day ,is that possible ,please assist thank you

Carole C. Good says:

Thank you. This is a great and helpful video!!!

Jackass Motors says:

an old Apple brand WiFi card

Austin M says:

What's a air port card¿????????

DigitalRickochet says:

i have a black g3 it has curved sides it must be an erliar model and i can't find where to put the airport card

Dave Mac says:

Apparently Airport is only WEP encryption, so it will not connect to the common WPA encrypted networks (hence wrong password errors).
Try changing your homerouter to WEP encryption or like me try and see if there is a better Airport card. (not found one yet)

Eaden Murphy says:

@macunwired, Please help me! i got an ibook g3 today, and installed the airport card, but when i click on internet connect, it does not show my home network, or any other networks, listed. I am positive that there are at least 4 networks in range, but none are listed.


2-Stroke Dalton says:

Please help! I have a g3 500mhz and it recognizes my wireless but when I put my password in it says , there was an error when connecting to the network , it is running 10.2 , please help!

thehellhecould says:

@thatmusicjunkie I bought a G3 clamshell from ebay and the airport kept rejecting my password until I updated the software to 10.3.9 then it worked like a dream!!

thehellhecould says:

@vaultingninja ebay about £30

thehellhecould says:

@thatmusicjunkie I bought a G3 from ebay and the airport kept rejecting my password until I updated the software to 10.3.9 then it worked like a dream!!

BPDVeee says:

Hi I have an Apple iBook (G3 500MHz). It picks up all the wireless signals through the vicinity, but I cannot actually "get online". I've scoured the interwebz in search of help, but have found myself coming to youtube for the real help. I heard that I may have to do something with the TCIP/IP settings, but have already messed with that. It is not picking up an auto DHCP ip address and the computer is basically talking to its self. PLEASE help me.

Thanks in advance.

EliteMacTechs says:

@george1001001 Your totally right. Thanks for pointing that out.

EliteMacTechs says:

@NailsBeautiful The WiFi you have in your house will work fine! It does not need an Apple WiFi.

Mayra Martinez says:

@vaultingninja ebay

vaultingninja says:

Where can I find an airport card for a g3 ibook?

george1001001 says:

"and your done"

you're = you are. your = possessive form.

josue giron says:

hey i need help with my ibook it has the airport antenna pluged in all the way and it has all of the wireless bars but when i try to get in the internet it says that the server is not found please reply ASAP THANKS

EliteMacTechs says:

Make sure the airport card antenna is plugged in. It sounds like the antenna is not plugged into the card all the way (the antenna is the black wire you plug into the card).

Jarzu23 says:

Ur Great Man Thank You a lot I just Started my own computers Busisness and I was Strugling with IBooks and I learned Almos everything I needed to Know from ur Vids!!!! Thanks and God Bless!!!! ;-D

Matthew Honson says:

Thank You!! I just set up my Airport card on my new (used) G3 and it works great. Awesome video! Thank you sooooo much!

exiliadoenelcielo says:

Hi very good your video, I need to know if you can help me, I received an iBook A1007. Which has no power source. I could spend what tension and polarity on the connector to see if I can adapt a 24Vdc source I have. Thank you. Marcelo.

Bookie BadAzz says:

Dude i just baught my air port card and i was gonna disassemcle my computer from the back…but something told me too look this up on youtube and i found u…thanks man..i would have ruined my g3 if it wasnt for u

EliteMacTechs says:

make sure you have the newest driver for the USB device… I have found those USB dongles to be nothing but trouble… but they will work!

cameracreations says:

i have a usb one and my g3 laptop has the program for using wireless byuilt in the panther but i installed the cd and yet it doesnt show anything when i plug in the card why? its work on my xp and vista

EliteMacTechs says:

The airport card can not be switched. Neither can the RAM or the optical drive… you can switch out the hard drive!

adventuresofjr says:

This is great! Question for you… I have a iBook G3. I also have an iBook G4 that has a broken screen. I'm interested in taking some hardware from the G4 and upgrading the G3. Is this possible? Mostly, can I take the airport card from the G4 and put it in the G3? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Pietro Ruiz says:

thank you man video helped me alot

EliteMacTechs says:

No adapter is needed… just the airport card. The only computer that needs an adapter is the iMac G3.

EliteMacTechs says:

Thank you so much! Glad the video helped.

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