Africa – Angel City Chorale

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Title: Africa
Melody and lyrics by David Paich and Jeff Porcaro
Performed by Angel City Chorale
Soloists Rich Kennedy, Tommy Lamb, Tina Mitro, and Duff Watrous

Artistic Director, Sue Fink
Video edited by, Alex Chaloff, Annika Benitz
Performance inspired by Eric Whitacre,, and Perpetuum Jazzile,

Angel City Chorale is a nonprofit arts organization located in Los Angeles, CA, USA. We could not exist without our generous donors and sponsors. Want to help us make inspiring music and build community? DONATE AT:

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Anderson Oliveira da Silva says:

Cool! ^^ Gaive Me GooseBumps!

Iris Cabatu says:

so beautiful.

Oneness says:


mark bounce says:

Brilliant performance

sue fink says:

You can now download a cool audio mix of this performance. See description for links

Max Dietrich says:

460 people have too high expectations

Adam M says:

"What did you do Saturday night?"
"Watched TV. What did you do?"
"oh.. just hung out with a few friends… singing.."

oohaira says:

this is a very beautiful performance omg goosebumps!!!!

Cristiana Marangoni says:

Estremamente suggestiva…da ascoltare ad occhi chiusi….meravigliosa interpretazione

ibra sory camara says:

Goob blessé you

Francesco Martini says:


Benjamin Morley says:

This is absolutely stunning

Nakubiana Mufaya says:

This is really beautiful ???

countroshculla says:

450 people got confused "Why are they singing about Africa"?

Live Wolf says:

Such a beautiful version.

Robert Schottlander says:

I've listened to this over and over. It is one of the most beautiful things I think I have ever heard.

Ovidiu Adrian says:

Absolutely wonderful! Good vibrations for the soul. Thank you!

Chase Fitch says:

Gangster af

Mr Nobody says:

So good !!!!!

Dais Owen says:

I love this! Absolutely wonderful!

Jason Sullivan says:

amazing… i cant stop watching this

Sury Red says:

A cover from another one. A copy of the great Perpertum Jazzile on a bigger scale.

8000Christopher says:

A most wonderful choral performance, so full of joy. Love it, many thanks for posting.

Игорь Журов says:

Обалдеть !!!!! Super!!!!!!

Rich Giroux says:


Wesley Moore says:

great cover of this classic wish they had used some other male singers for the lead vocals otherwise spot on!

frederic kabuku says:

Home of the Safari……….NBO

Phil 55 says:

Love a good sound scape

Phil 55 says:

Love a good sound scape

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