A week with a G4 – Are they obsolete?

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In this video, I tackle the question of the PowerPC G4 and if it is actually obsolete already. So I force myself to go an entire week using nothing but computers powered by a G4 processor and find out whether I can live with it. In the end, I discovered that as long as you don’t mind using some software that is slightly out-of-date (IE: Photoshop, final-cut-pro), there is very little that you can’t do on one of these. Also I would mention that when I made the video, Camino was the best browser. However, I now recommend TenFourFox as the best browser for PowerPC systems.


Shane D Houseman says:

Stop spamming the word obsolete in your videos.

Andrew'sComputerChannel says:

I would still buy a G4 laptop like that one in 2017 because I love leapord and it would be a cheap Mac!

Majer Fyzika Forever says:

1:14 Did he just say playing games?!

turbokid1277 k says:

i have the same mac as you!

Militaristic Squirrel says:

from 2008 to 2014, i played all my games, did all my work, and listened to music on an apple eMac running Leopard without net.

mbpkid says:

Where i can get g4 mac's? I like to have one or more with good shape! And i wanna buy cheap as possible..

Dusan Popovic says:

I was about to write a comment, but then I saw that this video is from 2010…

Hunter Cruz says:

I old high school had the G4

Max W says:

You should do an update seven years later trying to do a week with a G4. It would be interesting to see how it turns out!

Max W says:

This video is really showing its age.

Christopher Michael Ayres says:

I bought an old Windows 7 last for 40 bucks off ebay just to see if it was still relevant turns out it can do everything my smartphone does but when it came to Live streaming or watching HD videos it just ain't gonna happen but for 40 bucks I ain't complaining, why spend 400 bucks on a new laptop that does the same job?

Britgamer says:

Wow! My computer has 8 gigabytes of DDR 4.

Jackson B says:

you look much better in newer videos. But you sound the same

gianluigi dautilia says:

watched the video and saw 2010-—–🙁

SpiffyGamer says:

How do you keep your recorded voice so smooth…? ;-;

John Baker says:

I'll like to buy a g4 from you

Jack Severity says:

loved the video! 🙂 keep up the great work. would there be any chance you would do a video about installing mac os via usb for old powerpc's? i have just brought a powerpc g5 and an ibook g4. i have the power pc working fine but i cant seam to get the ibook to work. it loads the usb up and then i get a circle with a line through it. the g4 is in geat near new shape but cant get the os install 🙁

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