A: How to Restore an iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS from an iTunes Backup – How to Use My iPhone Tutorial 4

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Learn how to restore your new iPhone from an iTunes backup. This video tutorial will take you through the steps of restoring your iPhone. Each step will be explained with a British Accent. Please remember to leave your iPhone connected throughout the restore process. For more video tutorials visit: www.youtube.com/a562178


Shahid Khan says:

Bro the activation lock will unlock after this restore pls reply bro

Gani imeri says:

Well, i'm in 6.1.3 version for iphone 4 but i wanna make the software update but i cant, because i need it for my applications, PLEASE IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING, HELP ME!!!

Ammar kamran says:

Did not help a at all

Vishnu sood says:

i got stuck on "preparing iphone for restore"
it is not proceeding further any solution to this
Need HELP!!

karen tark says:

First of thank you for you video ,I wanted to backup my phone on my computer now it is not working and keep asking me password ,but doesn't work at all I can't see anything just I have emergency call ,do you have solution please let me know. Thanks

Patricio Romero says:

which voice synthetizer you use?

Yari Bambust says:

okay i got ios 1.6.4 back thanks :)

Andrew Tucker says:

U sound like a rapist

Ianismagaling says:

U sound stupid

Strikerrr says:

I lost everything when I did this…

Akram Mtory says:

is this step can solve the WI FI drop problem cause i keep missing my wifi all day unless if i heat or cold my iphone 4s. thanks

Nael Aboraya says:

does the version of ios changes when I do the backup ??

Tim Jones says:

mine dont restore it says its unavailable why 

Lakeem Dreher says:

You definitely skipped some steps sir.

goosetavio says:

Ok, i backed up my old iphone, webt to apple to have it replaced, then when i got hone to restore it all that got restores was the nane if an app folder and my pictures. Did i end it early??? Im very confuse please help.

Rahny1000 says:

Fukin shit vid didnt help at all where do we start nuub

Komail Ali says:

can i restore iphone 4 using iphone 3g backup???

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