A dying Macintosh iBook hard drive

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Here’s a data recovery situation we took care of recently. This very, very sick hard drive was installed in an Apple Macintosh iBook that was being used as a server at a local high school. They were using an iBook as their server, because the iBook’s screen was only partially viewable making it impossible for students to use. They had data for their yearbook, and projects for about 50 students stored on it. Because of budgetary reasons, they had no back up in place. Our talented lab staff removed the hard drive from the iBook, and used our special MacMedics data recovery techniques to coax the data off the drive. It took a long time, but all of the needed data was recovered. It’s a good thing that we kept an archive of the rescued data, because the day the data was returned to the school, a student accidentally erased a major portion of it.


Peter Vroom says:

ben me ook aan het oriënteren..en kom tot de uiteindelijke slotsom dat dit de beste laptop is

macmedics says:

@S0LDIERx0FxG0D No problem. You should also be running 10.6 if not already and use Time Machine to back up that unit. Good luck w/ new drive.

macmedics says:

@S0LDIERx0FxG0D YES! It can be a sign of a failing drive. Back up right away and replace your drive. Also, you might have a Seagate 7.01 drive and if that is failed, you might get Apple to replace that for free if it has "failed" Also, get on Time Machine, and if you're not on Snow Leopard yet, I would install that when you get the new drive installed. If you need us to help, just drop off or ship in unit and we can take care of it for you.

TearsOfWar1 says:

I use western digital and it works flawlessly…

need4speed402 says:

how did you post this comment?

Brian Sohn says:

that sounds like the beginning or reverend green, animal collective

randomjunkguy says:

haha, nice. how many gb is the one you have now. and how many gb is the one your getting? mine is 30, but i just orderes a250 gb hd

DaMirrorLink says:

i use a 250 GB hitachi desktar hard drive in my computer and its worked for 4 years 😛

hansjakobli78 says:

do it.
i neglected the sounds and now it's dead….sigh

macmedics says:

Apple used IBM's hard drive's in their laptops during the iBook time frame. If you look carefully at the barcode that is on the end of the drive that the cable is connected to, you can see the Apple logo on this drive, it's the large black dot all the way on the left of the barcode. IBM sold it's drive business to Hitachi several years ago. The "DeskStar" was for desktops and often called the "DeathStar" for it's frequent failures. This drive in this movie is a "TravelStar" as it's for a laptop.

Pete Dutzel says:

WTF why does it say IBM its not even an apple product

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