A couple fixes for Itunes not recognizing your device.

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Old itunes – http://www.oldapps.com/itunes.php?app=D1E6D9BEEF71DA6FC161C7B259448581

How to jailbreak ios 8- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ij0coJcs0Ao C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support/drivers


cait vieira says:


Erma Lundman says:

€€€GREEEAAaaAAT FRNDZZz I Have Found Working oonllline hhhaccckkk vivivsit https://twitter.com/jgbb961/status/768524672103161856?/5751

Ddjack 007 says:

Man this was a life saver. I needed it the most to restore my jailbreak on ios 9.3.3. thanks a lot man

Keirra Mitchell says:

I don't have the portable device option

angelfirephoenix says:

This one solves the problem….tanx

Sonia Black says:

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! You can not believe how helpful this was not even the actual itunes website (or customer services) could help me with this thank you!!!!!!

darwinkilledgod says:

He starts at :50

Lam Nguyen says:

Thank you so much. It really worked

Rob Casey says:

Worked for me, many thanks! ????

1 “1CherryKissed” Kissed says:

thank you thank you thank you

John Gibson says:

how do youndo this using windows 10?

Ahmed khan says:

Thanks bro it works

Chaotic Creations says:

I have W10 and may i suggest in future just telling us to go to device manager.. rather than typing the shortcut… windows 10 doesnt have a search bar.. but thanks it managed to help solve my issue

Awais Mughal says:

oh thanks for that …it really worked

Max Vloeberghs says:

THX so much really helped me!!

Eloy Cantu says:

Thanks bro!

Cica Drazo says:

In " DEVICE MANAGER – PORTABLE DEVICE " I don't have apple, there is just my iso driver and nothing .. i can't find apple in my computer ..

Rebecca van Mil says:

Thank you so much! i've searched everywhere but i couldn't find a solution. Not all heroes wear capes ;)

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