A-Bit of Pink Panther

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This is the last video for a while but I shall return!…
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“Pink Panther Theme”

By Henry Mancini

Special Thanks to Jon Mengede for helping film and record.
Special Thanks to Henri Pink for naming the series.


DAW: FLStudio and Avid Pro Tools
Plugins for 8-Bit sound: Plogue Chipsounds and Sytrus
Keyboard: Korg R3 (Only used as MIDI controller)
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 380 Pro
Gameboy: Gameboy

Camera: Canon 550D
Video editing software: Final Cut X
Artwork created on: Adobe Illustrator
Computer: MacBook Pro
Lights: 2x Fluorescent umbrella lights
White Background: Made of bed sheets and wood hung on hooks. Put together by my mother and father.

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Maria Ayala says:

doooooo stone tower from legend of zelda majora mask

Poullum429 says:

A-Bit of Ducktales, pls?

palekiller says:

When you come back, pleaaaase do A-Bit of Kingdom Hearts :o

Alexandria Montalvo says:

I love that show

Undercroft FedoraGoat says:

WHEN!? WHEN are you gonna return!?!?

Aplombernulp says:

A-Bit of Undertale, AMIRITE?

TinyPcGamers says:

hey do you mind if i ask for your permision to take songs from your chanel to my chanel of curse i going to give you credit in every singel description when i use your music ok :D?
you down?

kent xw says:

plzzzz gravity falls

FORWAT ?! says:

Omg !! 

Derpy Does says:

You should do a bit of my little pony.

Maroki 06 (Maroki06) says:


AnonCore™ says:

Were are all le' comments

skullcraft11 says:

Jon Snow with a synthesizer.

Chef Toasty says:

Wait, this guy isn't famous yet?

BK0922 says:

Please do back to the future joe :)

Matthew Russell says:

Can you do Jurassic Park?

Brisk Lloydavator says:

A bit of Gravity Falls please ;D

Brisk Lloydavator says:

8-bit Star Trek? Has he done star trek?

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