7 Awesome Apple Watch tricks

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The Apple Watch doesn’t need to prove itself to you. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t need a “killer app” to make it indispensable.

In fact, the Apple Watch is an awesome device all on its own, with a ton of tricks up its sleeve, like controlling your big screen TV and finding your iPhone, even in the dark.

Here are 7 killer things you can do with an Apple Watch that prove it’s worthy of a place on your wrist.

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Sean says:

So the watch can tell you the battery level of your phone and your phone can show you the battery level of your watch??? Now that's a reason to buy an apple watch.

kristin shelby says:

Some of these I knew, a few I did not. Very helpful! :)

Sam Pringle says:

Yeah, let me spend money on an app just to check my fucking battery

ARSNL Strings says:

Nifty but a bit overpriced, I just want a digital watch that fits well, tells time, waterproof, and looks good. So I'm going with an off brand fit bit with good reviews on Amazon

shak1ification says:

Thanks for the helpful video :D

Falcon says:

The LED ping trick does not work on Watch OS 2.2.2 and iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 9.3.4

Also, you no longer need third-party software to view the battery life directly on your watch. It's available as a complication on certain watch faces as well as in glances natively.

Medo Gabr says:

I hate his voice.

Ade Baba says:

great vid

Juan Upegui says:

Really awesome and useful

Wayne Webb says:

Flash didn't go off with ping my iPhone. Why?

IGOkom says:

I was holding this watch, all characteristics are ideal. Thanks for your video. You can find more Apple Watch models here http://ali.pub/v0lgn

Леонид Федоров says:

A very useful video!

Jalal Anwari says:

apple watch is as useless as traffic lights in india and gta :P

J&D Football says:

Ok so of you are being burgled , and they have your watch and your mac , they can just unlock it without a password …. GREAT !

Kelly Wonderlin says:

thumbs up

Kelly Wonderlin says:

love it !

Cedric Massigoge says:

I would love to have an apple watch to do dis… :/

Marceline Luberisse says:

Can you face time on the watch ?

deans6571 says:

Great tips – thanks ????????????????

Indika Kulatunga says:

Thanks Buddy

David Jones says:

Great tips! Thanks.

Theun Knowntxter says:

Kewl info.

Harsh Trivedi says:

My watch isn't this snappy…

Jacob says:

Umm… how are these awesome tricks? Two of these were being able to check the battery life of your devices. Wow, groundbreaking. Another was being able to find your phone as long as its turned on and within audible distance or in the dark. Because you're going to need that feature more than once. Another feature is being able to send your GPS location. What?! Surely it would be faster to just type "Library" or something, rather than have your friends device decode your coordinates and then load up a map to navigate your way there. Another is being able to delete messages. Seriously were you even thinking when you put that one in? How is that a notable feature? The music one looks quite cool. And so does the Mac unlock, although they hardly make the watch indispensable. Awful video

Crysis051264 says:

More Mac Gayness. If I wanna find my phone, ill fucking call it.
"I wanna remove my notifications on my phone using my watch" Just use your phone.
"I wanna move songs to my wrist so i can play wrist songs" Why exactly?
Your not really pitching this well CultofMac.

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