5 Reasons NOT to buy the iPod Touch (6th Generation)

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Beau HD gives us five reasons why we should not buy the new iPod Touch (6th Generation). The iPod Touch 6G is not made for everyone. Whether you plan to use the iPod Touch 6G as a personal connection to the worldwide web or as a music player, your satisfaction with the device will vary. Some of the reasons in support for not buying the device include its expensive price and storage options, and display size. Do you agree with any of the reasons mentioned in this video? Why or why not?

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Nadine Delgado says:

Aye on least you have something to play on

Cayden Conners says:

im spending all my bday money on 6th gen 32 gig. Im 11

Jake Todd says:

I know how to call people on your iPad #wetalk

BrownPaperBag says:

The apple products i`ve own: Ipod nano 5th gen, ipod shuffle 4th gen, ipod nano 7th gen. Parents won`t even get me a 16gb ipod touch. They don`t want me selling any of my stuff to get money for it either. Wtf

BeautyBabe20 says:

the only reason i hated my old ipod touch 6g was the color i got a super tacky color blue
every thing else was perf but it broke im getting gold this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caleb Shaw says:

well you can get ios 10 so………………………… sold

Lman jeff says:

i dont care about the size or music but thx anyway

Petar Grubor says:

did ipod have number card?

D8 zVevoh says:

ipod touch 6th gen is better than the iphone7

Angel Lluveras says:

Thank you. I appreciate the info. I currently have a older gen 160 gb classic. BUT the new HD music videos being offered WILL NOT PLAY ON THIS DEVICE. The MV I purchased won't sync up due to this. I have over 30gbs of music. Paying over 250 for a 64 gb Ipod Touch just for music/video is not a wise investment. Again thank you.

Lucas Walker says:

Those reasons are rubbish

Watermelon Gaming says:

I only have the frist generation I haven't used it

MeriMorMick says:

I just want a small device to download language playlists from iTunes. Any advise?

ninjamelon 1 says:

im might get the ipod touch for Christmas because my tablet is only got 3 gigabytes and im only a kid so i dont need a phone thanks if you are reading this by

Martin says:

Can you download facebook for the ipod aswell?

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