25+ Tips and Tricks for iPod Touch (6th Generation)

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In this video, saki will highlight 25 tips, tricks and hidden features for the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation.

Although we used the latest 6th gen iPod Touch, these tips will apply to most iOS devices.

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Minecraft_ Girl says:

Who's using there's wright now

No name No name says:

Great, now I need a new ipod

кιм ʝσиєѕ says:

I have that same colored iPod

Royd : says:


RobloxGlitcher says:

thats not an ipod, i dont have all that stuff on mine. i have no usage thing and other stuff

Roberta McAndrews says:

I got my iPod touch

AaronRoders TheGOAT says:

I wish I had an iPod touch6

Hugh Mungus says:

I had 0 bytes on my iPod. I erased more than 100 photos…

Still 0 fucking bytes 😡

Lisa Yost says:

I will have to try it when I get an ipod

TivoliEclipse says:

This muck is going to cause my automobile accident. Nothing on this junk is intuitive! Stop already! Make it intuitive. Is that concept too difficult to grasp Apple? Intuitive! I should not need mucking tips! Secret Zoom Window!? Why secret? Narcissistic boors!

Queen Nea says:

how much is the ipod 6th gen will coust

DancerGirl101 says:

I am going to be planing for months,I am saving up,I have been doing it since Christmas

Monique Harris says:

this was really helpful so now when i get my ipod 6 generation in 4 days which is Wednesday 3-8-17 i will watch this video again so i dont forget anything. But, thanks so much

Hannah Mills says:

This helps a lot! The only thing that doesn't is the notification one :/

Marzie Lima says:

Where can i get that resting dock that the ipod is sitting on???

Allison Turcios says:

Here's a new tip you could try set up hotspot on IPod

ram sam says:

Soon basically it can do what a phone does

Alden Carcamo says:

How to bypass apps store without wifi

Dr Kusum Khalia says:

i subscribe!!!!!!! only because of this video's awsomenesss……keep it up man;)

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