21 Amazing Apple Watch Tips [Updated for iOS9!]

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21 Amazing Apple Watch Tips Sure To Impress!

1. Quickly Go Back To Last Used App – 0:53
2. Clear Notifications – 1:41
3. Find Your iPhone – 2:33
4. Set Time Ahead – 3:32
5. Change Your Monogram – 4:42
6. Use “Hey Siri” – 9:15
7. Use Apple Watch As Camera Remote – 9:50
8. Change The App Layout – 11:23
9. Send Heartbeat – 12:48
10. Send Or Reply With Animated Emojies – 13:56
11. Mute Incoming Phone Call Using Palm – 15:12
12. How To Use Apple Pay With Apple Watch – 16:18
13. Use Siri To Open Apps – 17:10
14: How To Use AirPlay – 18:11
15. How To Use Handoff – 19:12
16. How To Take A Voice Memo – 20:37
17. Add Digital Time To Analog Watch Face – 22:30
18. Change and Re-Arrange Glances – 24:27
19. How To Unlock Apple Watch With iPhone – 27:13
20. How To Change Default Replies – 28:50
21. Force Close An App – 29:55

I must admit I have really grown to love my Apple Watch! Every since I received my watch (the very day it came out) my watch collection is just gathering dust. This has become my only watch of choice and for good reason. Not many can complain that the Apple Watch is great for telling the time but there’s so much more that this timepiece does and here are 21 Apple Watch tips every owner should know!

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Mark Withers says:

Really liked your tips! Especially the unlocking with the iPhone! A lot of them I already used, but force quit an app was new and helpful to me. I usually restart my Apple Watch whenever I have app trouble or its just not working the way it should. I ping my iPhone often enough to find it thank you for this!

David Leary says:

Oh my . . . 3, 771 e-mails?! Ouch! En Vogue is great – I've got some of their music on my iPhone too. Anyway, thanks for the time you put into this video. It did help me quite a lot!

DOGRADIO18 says:

boring i knew all of These, waste of time if you ask me…

Ashton Steelmon says:

The led flash works

Sam Pickel says:

I have not worn any other watch

Boots Pires says:

I collect watches! Apple watch is just one of them!

Diane Wood says:

Great video. Thanks!

Shrek Trump says:

Is that a sport?

pattymmdelc says:

Thank you so much for this complete guide! I just bought my Apple Watch two weeks ago and l´m loving it! You got yourself a new subscriber. I learned a lot. ????

BOXERBEAST 101 says:

Fitbit if you count that as a watch

sweetmilissa says:

One of the best videos I've seen so far!!! Thanks I learned a lot.

Asood Vlogs says:

your so unrespectful

Максим Морозов says:

Coolest watch

Kaff231 says:

I've had my watch for a few months now and still want it to do more. So thank you so much!!! Awesome video my friend! Great tips and tricks…I just set a monogram on my watch and still using other tips as well!!!! Like set a timer! Great for my treadmill run!!! Outstanding video!! A HUGE THANK YOU!!! ????????

ImTheMacHelper says:

I haven't I also have a pebble watch and a few more dumb watches and I only used my pebble watch for maybe an hour.

balal mah says:

i love my apple watch i have even stop wearing my £1000 swiss watch

I know It's not the best says:

In iOS 10 we have a new face page for your Apple Watch app on your iPhone so no more swiping just go to the watch app and you can choose all your faces and every thing is helpful

I know It's not the best says:

I work at apple and we are bringing the flash back in watch OS 3

Ethan Dhanji says:

When she said "Hey Siri" Siri popped up on my phone????

Red Apple says:

I can't handle your accent

Colin Mills says:

The effort was worth it!!????

Illyria86 says:

You can change the app layout on the watch too.

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