2017 iPad 9.7-inch Review! Worth $329?

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Is The New iPad 9.7-inch Worth $329? Full Review of the 2017 Budget iPad 9.7-inch. vs iPad Pro 9.7


claris drouet says:

Thank you so very much for your videos! Very well done! I would like to ask if this can be connected to a LAN line and if so your recommendation! I already know I need the Ipad lighting adapter as well as the adapter for the go between of a HUb of some sort and the LAN line! I would like to know your opinions!

Fire Thief says:

Just ordered one on Target for $270 shipped after tax 💪 My first Apple product since 2012!

The splinter in your eye says:

They are good but the iPad is just too damn expensive for what they can do.

Michaels Gaming Party says:

I also got confused that till I got my iPad

Leonel Montalvan says:

At 3:13 did you say “look at my cocks”? Lol

Joj says:

I have this model

Monovant says:

Watching this on my 2017 iPad. Upgraded from the iPad mini 2

Nightmare 111703 says:

I have a feeling that an iPad 9.7inch Pro is better than an iPad 2017!!!

Eder Benavides says:

I have this iPad but black and silver

Ali Aloshi says:

My phone is iPhone 6

lovelyways74 says:

watching you hold that as water drops hit it …dude.. lol

Jess In Comments says:

Now take a pic of your dick and send it to me

Smellavision says:

would it kill apple to put an sd slot on a device once in a while?

simplelife4213 says:

you got some nice cocks

Chris Pacman says:

Sad you don't have a cock… 😆

Andy Lai says:

There is 2012 comments

FedDavidics says:

OP, you put brightness down. That's a fake.

Jason Thomas Dolan says:

What do people use iPads for? I seriously have no use for one. I can do all on my Samsung Note8

Aaron says:

My iPad 2 is slowing down. Just got this iPad!

Sameena Muneer says:

Which is the app he is using in 1:43

HackingRobuxProblems Channel I Don't Approve Myself says:

I Putted My IPad On Airplane mode

But it did’t fly


My ipad 4 is one of the best things i've ever bought, after about 5 years of daily use it still has well over 10 hour battery life, the performance and definitely ram is lagging behind a bit but it's still very useable. It outlived most of my devices, it even starting to surpass my second android phone which is already starting to fail. Now that it doesn't get ios upgrades and more and more apps aren't getting supported by ios 10 anymore i'll definitely upgrade to the newest ipad

Joshua Cervantes says:

329$ that’s cheap for Apple

Gaming Star says:

Commenting on it

zach gaming says:

I own this.

PickyNicky says:

I coufuse me soooo badly

Infinity Aronex says:

I got my iPad Pro 2017 9.7 for 6000 dollars because it is upgraded

XDPvPGodz says:

Im watching this with the very same ipad

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