2016 Fixed “Cannot Connect to iTunes or App Store” iPhone & iPads!!!!!!

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Here are several possible fixes on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod if you get the error message cannot connect to iTunes store or App store. I give you some solutions for both mobile and wifi network. If these solutions don’t work please comment below. There are several more possible solutions like changing DNS, etc and all but the main ones are below.

– date and time (set automatically)
– use cellular data on app store
– reset network settings (it will not delete you photos, vids, etc)
– turn wifi off (maybe wifi connection unstable)
– Reset wifi modem
– update to latest iOS.
– factory reset (you will lose ALL data!!)

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John Patterson says:

Much appreciate the help.

CMonay 1 says:

Thanks so much it works now!!!

Hannah ali says:

If i dowmloaded the ios 10 will it delete everything

X The Slump God says:

Im not gonna upgrade im jailbroken on ios10.1.1 if i go and upgrade ill can't jailbreak my shit again

Muhlisa Ahtamova says:

Do a video for how to download appstore plzzzzz

Muhlisa Ahtamova says:

Do a video for how to download appstore plzzzzz

James Ben says:

i ve done this proceedings still yet i cant restore at the end it ask me to allow access while the phone is in emergency call only.need help am frustrated

Jerry Lester says:

Thanks. A Network reset did the trick. I can now access my App Store.

Kadinette says:

Thank u so much !!! i searched on different forum but yours workend



Sparkle Cookie007 says:

Ya dumb ass u show yo password

Friend:rob this sh.t

dewabeatt says:

Thanks a lot dude !! U save my iphone ^_^

lisa minzie says:

Man thanks alot 🙂 this helped me so much

JAYboarding says:

Dude it was like half 2 in the morning lmao

justas sabaliauskas says:

helped me so much

Melonda Son says:

Thank you so much

Melonda Son says:

I tried the first on and time zone is loading

rwatt5931 says:

Thank you that actually work for me.

Alden Carcamo says:

How to bypass

Nitro Agario says:

Than you very much man I had this problem for to weeks ,wi fi wasn't working,thank you very much +2subs with my android device and iOS device,

Preet Thakkar says:

Thanks for making this video. It helped me alot

Juan Zarate says:

Thank you this helped aliy

OffciaLolBaits says:

it's work to me thank you ❤

Priyanka Ravi says:

Thanks a lot !

Icam Plays says:

What one worked on ur ipad

ManuelGaming 07 says:

thx man

you are the best

Belinda Bustillos says:

Thanks for the help! It worked !

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