2004 iBook G4 resurrected – Running OS X 10.5.8

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Finally got to it to bring it back to life and get it up and running again.


Diegotheartist1 says:

tough shit. i have a powerbook, C-bass

Samantha Sanchez says:

Whats the website

NSLAS Shore says:

where did you get the dmg FROM?

Nick Gagner says:

The effects aren't you can tell because the menu bar isn't transparent 

Nick Gagner says:

How did you boot from a usb on a PowerPC system

Kennedi lyons says:

I have a iBook G4 and it doesn't play the sims 3, so i know I have to install some new hardware. If i install mac mini, Apple USB SuperDrive, Mac OX Snow leopard, etc, will it work?

I need answers!!! 

Karel Hráček says:

Hi guys , i need help with that – i have windows OS and i dont know how programe is best to burn OSX system to dvd-rwDL and if i made it how i can install 10.5.8 on my Mac G4 2004 ? Thnx for your reply :)

Jonas Kvale says:

Never buy the gray OS X Leopard install disks. The reason is, they came with a machine running Leopard, which was released in late 2007, almost 3 years after PowerPC was discontinued by Apple. Therefore, the latest gray disks you can buy for PowerPC will have 10.4 Tiger. Any gray disks with 10.5 Leopard will be Intel only. There are no Leopard gray disks that will work on PPC.

Also the 2006 Macbook did not come with Leopard, it came with the Intel version of Tiger. 2006-2008 Macbooks didn't come with Leopard, you probably bought the 2007-9 Macbook disks.

MegaJerome1969 says:

where did you get your copy of Mac OS X leopard 10.5.8?

jason dixon says:

I need help with my iBook g4 2005. 

Drew Presley says:

I need help with my iBook G3, please comment back or send me a message or something

E .Amighty says:

please help me

E .Amighty says:

show us how you did it pleeeaasseeeeeeeee.

Mosa Neat says:

I installed something called morphos on my ibookg4, but I don't know how to reomve it. Do you know how to get my original obreating system back. Please help me I will really appreciate it.

nelizmastr says:

send me a pm and I'll be glad to help you out 🙂

bvsic quae says:

hey man i really need your help with my ibook please reply

nelizmastr says:

send me a private message with some more specific details about which specs, and what you are planning to do with it.

walkthemoondeeve says:

help me !!! I have the same laptop and I want to make it run like a new one. help help help

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