20 Apple Watch Tips + Tricks & Things You Might Not Know!

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20 Apple Watch Tips + Tricks And Things You Might Not Know!

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kat har says:

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Kelly Nguyen says:

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im4ubabe says:

i bet he has some Guinness record of speaking fast. Tho i'm a non-English spoken country person,,,, followed & understood almost 100% of what he's saying. Isn't this great or what?. – but can't recall anything,, strange…..

Mikkyb says:

Someone found out that if you rip or cut the part of the box with the extra band you will find 100$ no kidding. Maybe it is only where that person is living. please check it out

TechExtreme says:

What's that song at the end?

Vance Athena Oúrea says:

Love your review but you may want to slow down a little. Not trying to tell you how to do your job or be disrespectful but it's hard to keep up with it all. Thanks for he review either way!

Michael Hayes says:

thanks,so much you're a pro bro !

Oded Ostfeld says:

Great video please make more, tired of all the fakes that pretend that they know what they know what they are talking about!!!!
Please explain how you use the QR Code and how do we join the sweepstake for a new Apple Watch ( Hope the sweepstake is international, not only for U.S citizens).
Like I said, make more, I would love to recreate your videos in Hebrew so more people can benefit from them!

Oded Ostfeld. 

Owen Mounsey says:

How come at the start you said it could last up to four hours in power reserve mode? Did you mean four days?

Daniel Crawford says:

How can I use QR codes to make purchases without using Apple Pay?

Sebastian Jara says:

Great information!! Quick tip to make your future videos even better; when jumping from tip 1 to 2 to 3 etc.. show some sort of visual cue to make your videos flow better.

ReviewTheBest says:

20 Apple Watch Tips + Tricks & Things You Might Not Know!!

Dylan Robertson says:

Thought I knew a lot about the watch but after this video I learned a lot more about it! 

ReviewTheBest says:

20 Apple Watch Tips + Tricks & Things You Might Not Know!

RKOAmbroseHDTM says:

Thanks :)

Owen Reed says:

It's so beautiful????

ReviewTheBest says:

20 Apple Watch Tips + Tricks & Things You Might Not Know!
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