$20 Apple Watch Clone! (Fake) Smartwatch Review – iOS & Android

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Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2 / Smartwatch / iwatch clone for $20! This is the $20 fully functional fake apple smart watch! An apple watch clone! This clone comes from china for only $20! And yes it’s a fully functional Smart watch! This fake apple watch can connect to any smartphone and does a decent task. In this video, we will unbox the fake apple watch clone and do a quick review and show you why you should or should not buy one! Let me know what you think about this apple watch in a comment!

Buy from amazon for $30 – http://amzn.to/2j8WMg5
if you a better price you can find them on a lot of Chinese websites.
Other options – http://amzn.to/2ju8xfG

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Royal Tech says:

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bulldogce says:

Seems nice for a twenty dollar watch

Sajjadali Kanji says:

where did u buy it from

Bryan s says:

dang i just watches 2 vids and i already love this youtuber defenetly subing

unbox a says:

i have this watch
its good but you can get better replicas for around the same price or cheaper

Ziko Professional says:

im the 100th comment
you are amazing bro
and i contact you in instagram #like

Geo Belmont says:

woah there, something that looks like the apple watch is one thing, but something actively trying to copy everything from something else isn't allowed in you tube guidelines. you gotta be careful with that, another channel that was looking at clone lego sets decided to play it safe just in case

Angel Simmons says:

It's an android watch not an Apple Watch

WaleedKingdom says:

Came from mo vlogs

sobat youtube says:

hey 2017 and u have no android ??!!

Jose Trejo says:

I don't see the magnet charger at all

Jose Trejo says:

This is not on amazon

Akshat Kumar Nagora says:

can you provide link for this watch

Roger RA says:

Can you send photos by Bluetooth and see them in the watch? It looks dope

peter kernohan says:

you are very good at that. I want to say something to improve o. but you are great at it and there is nothing your bad at keep up the good work!

TheCringiestGamer /Skater says:

why do you have less views than the rest of the tech reviewers you are actually good

fluffyswordfish says:

What's up with that subliminal 'Subscribe' flash at 1:14 ?

Bridget Whales says:

Where do you get SIM cards??

McGaming says:

can you remove the band

xNinjazForeveRx says:

Is there a calculator

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