100% working method to fix ITUNES ERROR on RESTORING/UPDATING – 3gs/4/4s/5 ALL ipad ipod touch

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The procedure is very much the same like all other videos BUT it has a one added solution which is not mentioned in the entire YOUTUBE! which is why people are still getting errors like 3194, 1015 and etc when they try to restore, downgrade any of their iDevices! this will work 1000% on all idevices!

this video has a one unlocking method which most of us never thought of!! to fix those errors which occurs while restoring and updating!

and this will work 1000% on all idevices!

i was updating my iphone 3gs on 6.1.3 but keep getting this shity error! finally found a way myself to overcome it!

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dante fair says:

omg thank u sooo much

salman tiger says:

It Workssssssss Thnx Buddy

bill plasky says:

Did not work, shitty advice

ChipmunktheSavage T says:

Your music reminds me of Comix Zone. Thanks for the video.

Derry yu says:

thanks, guy

life's good says:

its wirkss 😀 good boy sps

Leng Love says:

thank very much guy 🙂 <3

Muzamil Yaseen says:

noting is like that in host that you copy and past

yaqub khan says:

I updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 9.3.3 and after half an hour it's gone to dfu mode. Now I try to restore it it won't let me restore it keeps giving me error 4005. Can anyone help me…. Thanks

boogii 2011 says:

i updated my iphone 4s to ios 9.3.4 then this stupid error showed up unknown error 29 and i tried to fix and restore via itunes but still didn't work please help

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