100% Working – Fix iPad/iPad2/iPhone/iTouch iTunes 3194 error, Stuck in recovery, boot issues etc.

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Is your ipad/ipad2, iPhone or iTouch not seen by iTunes or
it does not boot or
it’s stuck on the apple logo or
it’s bricked
you have tried everthing and nothing works….
This will get you up and running again.

~~~~~~This always works UNLESS you have a hardware failure on your iPhone/iTouch~~~~~~

– Connect usb cable – PC to iPod

– Start up iTunes – it’s ok if iTunes does not recognize it

-Hold down Power button and Home button for 10 seconds (yes both at the same time)

-Release Power button and keep holding home button untill iTunes detects it (about 10 seconds)

-Click on Restore button on iTunes

-For custom firmware or firmware that you have already downloded and know it’s location where it’s location is on your PC, hold down the Shift key and then click the restore button.

Need firmware? download it here http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/


I have come accross iTunes errors when tring to restore(3194) and also that device is stuck in a black screen recovery state, here was my fix…

I had nothing but itunes errors(3194), nothing worked, using iReb and tiny unbrella did nothing.

iTouch Was stuck in recovery mode nothing else but a black screen.

I finally restored to this firmware(4.3.2) with an edited hosts file, this
is how it’s done…

Find the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder.

Upen the hosts file with notepad.

Add these to the end of hosts file and overwrite the original file: gs.apple.com
OR gs.apple.com

I had added both and it worked.

When you are finished restoring remove the “ gs.apple.com” and “ gs.apple.com
” line from your hosts file again and overwrite the file so that iTunes can properly update as usual
Having problems overwriting hosts file ….Click Start – All Programs – Accessories.
Right-click on Notepad, then click Run as administrator.
Open the Hosts file (from the notepad you just opened)


M FG says:

Thank you so much

Really loud girl says:

Uploader please save me from this nightmare. I have error 3194 but nothing's wrong with my host file.

Cody Cody says:

This does not work, i then get the error -1 . if i use any custom firmware i always get the 3194 error no matter what i do, to host file or anything.

ProRex0 says:

hey could you help me i did the host file thing and it still shows the error could u help?


Alfredo Carlos says:

Finally some who suggests something that actually works. Thanks man!

Roelle Punsalan says:

for ipad2, i tried adding the two new IPs to my hosts file but still didn't work. do i need to restart my PC or itunes after editing it? do i need to put a "#" sign in front of the two new IPs?

henry vapor says:

does this work, even to the jailbroken Ipad?

T5 says:

My iPad is weird every time I start it up the apple logo turns off and it NEVER WORKS!!!!
Please someone help

James Haskell says:

host file isnt in the ect folder when I try to run as an admin… any ideas??

rapha-ch S says:

Thank youuuu!!!!!

Jonathan Proch says:

This is where I get the error 🙁

namirah2511 says:

thanks you soo much!!! i love it:D finally it's working..

BMaC121000 says:

love the party boy music

Branel Morris says:

15 can't read. and thanks for help

Duke Pufus says:

Click Start ->All Programs -> Accessories.
Right-click on Notepad, then click Run as administrator.
Open the Hosts file (from the notepad you just opened)

BlownChevelle says:

Windows is not allowing me to save after I add gs.apple.com, gs.apple.com to the host file, am I not adding it in the right place?

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