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Visit http://www.iphonecaptain for more tips and tutorials on idevices. This video discusses how to fix error 21, 1601, and more. Please subscribe.

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colinbassett53 says:

mitch pwned dfu still gives me the error:(

heabsarmywife says:

my iphone 4 is giving me the error 21!! I have tried restoring it many times but will not work on my windows computer..

MuRddda says:

I hope it works

amazonwilliams1 says:

Nods – ill fix it with a bullet- lol thanks 4 ur help Capt-Mitch

iPhonecaptain.com says:

you should have put it in a bag of rice over night. This absorbs the water from inside the boards. I might try that then put it in DFU mode and try restoring. If that doesnt work. Try the target practice. Good luck. Please let us know how it goes

amazonwilliams1 says:

Capt- Mitch ,Can u help me?my phone took a dip in the pool – otter box was on it . it played tunes the rest of the day i put it on charger like i do every night but when i woke up it was stuck on stupid itunes screen . i cant get error 21 off -.- . any help in this matter i tried to hook it up but no luck . i held the home n power button but nothin – should i just use it 4 target practice/

tropangalive says:

i LOVE you!!! Bear Guy!!!!!!! 2 thumbs up! HUGS!

Jonny Hoppman says:

Didn't work for me. Piece of crap iPod. -_- all the rest are nice of course.

julian cruz says:

Almost done just needs little more …..

Robert Jensen says:

Dude, believe it or not, genius comes in all accents. Some of the most brilliant people I have met in the USA were from India, and I could barely understand their English. Truth is, the South has millions of computer-literate people, that are very bright. And, they can't help their accent anymore than you Northerners or you Westerners or your Easterners. This is the version of English they were raised with.

PHOKUS13255 says:

Fucking hate apple i fix error 1601 now error 21 dumb asses

Richard Bie says:

Thank you so much!

this mofo jay says:

thank you man right when i heard pwned dfu mode thats got to be.

brunomcf84 says:

I don't understand what u say on 3rd option. Can u write that here?
iPhone won't start unless usb plugged to computer. Do u think it's a battery problem?

setni1223 says:

I have been trying all day to fix this. THANK YOU

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