10 Reasons NOT To Buy iPhone X!

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Here Are 10 Reasons NOT To Buy The iPhone X! Why The iPhone X Sucks & Why You Should Save Your Money.


Super DJ Wolf says:

iPhone 7=no audio jack
iPhone 8=no adapter
iPhone X=no home button
iPhone 11=nothin

Faris Safiia says:

Why would anyone want the iPhone x because you will have to buy another new case because of the ugly bad looking camera

kiLLjoy24CALI says:

Apple is fuckin up… I feel like this an act of desperation. I'm willing to bet that iPhone X is not suppose to come out til after iPhone 9. They're trying to catch up with Samsung, which is clearly wayyyy ahead with the phone technology

Cassy890 says:

i have an iphone 5s and i am going to stick with this forever. when this phone doesnt turn on anymore im probably ditching apple, its too expensive for what it is. The cropped apps and shit?? WHAT!

Djan _nsm2 says:

I got two phones (long story) The Iphone 5c White and The iphone SE peopke kept telling me throw ur 5c away it sucks u can't upgrade no more idc! I got the upgrade on my SE but i use
My 5c more than my SE it still works perfectly and I've got it for almost 3 years now

Djan _nsm2 says:

I'm good with my iphone SE

Sandeep Jaswal says:

Great voice.

Ass Ketchup says:

iPhone 7- No headphone jack
iPhone X- No home button
iPhone XL- No Screen
iPhone XXL-

Just a $1000 black box,
Pay $100 for the screen,
$500 for headphone jack,
$200 for for camera,
$500 for Power button,
$850 for a charger
$1500 for A I R P O D S
Batteries not included

pedro pablo fresno marzolo says:

i dont know if other people think the same, but why did not apple put the finger print in to the apple logo, its so simple and it mantains the style that they wont.

Himena Hisanaga says:

If you don’t want it just gave it

Bruce Steever says:

I can think of a thousand reason not to buy this phone. Why stop at just ten?

Craig Bassam says:

I'm a current android user. I have owned iPhones in the past, just prefer the experience that I currently get from android phones. That being said, if I were to buy one of the "new" models of iPhone (despite hating the massive chin and forehead on the front) I'd probably go for the 8 plus. Big error in my eyes removing touch id all together

Aidas123 says:

I think it didn‘t came out yet.

Mohammad Emaad says:

Thank u for telling me good reasons not to buy the IPHONE X any way im not going to buy the iphone X i will buy the samsung galaxy s9 or note 9 i dont know th ecorrect term to use now and the new samsung phone (not note 8) will have full front part as the screen and its going to be foldable i read that from an official leakers website

Isaac Lyons says:

Instead of apple troubleshooting issues with the notch, just remove it!

Isaac Lyons says:

The storage wouldn't be an issue if it had Google photos.

Isaac Lyons says:

I wasn't planning on wasting that much money on junk anyway.

Mohd Saad says:

living in India and due to I am a friend of Tim Cook I got this in 60000 ruppees only

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