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Although Apple has been viewed as a company that can do no wrong, in reality, the late Steve Jobs oversaw the development of products that were massive failures. With every great success like the iPod or iPad there’s equally as big a failure. Steve Jobs and Apple are masters at marketing said products and making the company seem infallible, but a look at their failed experiments demonstrates that the company had a difficult road to success. Here are some of the most forgettable products developed by Apple, only to be shelved or discontinued.

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10. Apple Lisa
9. Apple III
7. Apple Macintosh Portable
6. Apple Bandai Pippin
5. 20th Anniversary Mac
4. MobileMe
3. Macintosh TV
2. iTunes Ping
1. eWorld

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Florin Musetoiu says:

Looking at this video i can paint Apple as being a company that tried all the time to come up each time with overpriced products and failed with about each one until the iPod and iPhone.

The Mighty Megalink says:

3:58 Yea it's nintendo, Sega and "Sony!!!"

Prussian_Kamikaze says:

Did i just hear him say the pippin failed when the console market was dominated by Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft!?! What the hell are you smoking!?!

Prussian_Kamikaze says:

Did i just hear him say the pippin failed when the console market was dominated by Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft!?! What the hell are you smoking!?!

Luis Alberto says:

top tenz Nintendo failures

CogitoErgoCogitoSum says:

iPhones are a major fail, too. I think they are sold new with an already cracked screen, just so you wont have to worry about the inevitable.

Julian Uchiha says:

I liked ping

Wondermega says:

PlayStation fanboys will be pissed because he said Microsoft instead of Sony, LMAO

olivertopple says:

I've paused this video before it started, just to drop by and let you know that no one at Apple is embarrassed. To think so says more about you and your intended audience than it does about me, or Apple.

metro2002 says:

The reason for every failure: Priced too high. Lol , gues they never learn then .

Oneness100 says:

I hate to be weird, but the Xbox wasn't announced until 2001, the Pippin was long before the Xbox, it was just a failed attempt at a game console, but it wasn't that bad, it just didn't get a lot of titles, which is critical of any gaming platform. NO games = no sales. But Apple licensed it away, so they just built the hard design and it was up to others to further develop, market and sell the product.

kad1413 says:

Soon will be Apple Music

Miphone tech says:

I could not watch this video because of this ugly face that was really creeping me out. 

Bob Barnwell says:

Failure is a necessary part of eventual success. To fear failure is to preclude the possibility of success.

CaptainRufus says:

The history of Apple is full of things ruined because Steve Jobs was an idiot.

elpilonvideo says:

80 apple boys didn't like the video

Hobbit Stomper says:

You forgot Apple Maps, at least in the early stage.

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