#1 iPod commercial

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This is my fav iPod commercial with the gorillaz….don’t know bout the ol skool skates however


Nils C. says:

That last second is the most brilliant thing I've seen. Rhythm!

xBlackWolfBlueEyesx says:

Hey people! They're back! Jamie confirmed on Twitter! The Gorillaz are coming back!

David Wisseh says:

Apple sucks but best band 

xBlackWolfBlueEyesx says:

Jeez I was 7 years old when I first heard this. I called it "the Windmill song" and didnt really get into Gorillaz until a year and a half ago. Wow

2JoeBLACK7 says:

I woke up this morning and had to see this. 

RSfandude says:

I bought an iPod for this ad lol

The Alternative says:

whats the song

Thiago Xavier says:

Muito bom iPod Classic .. ano 2009… :D

E. Alan Cruz Ramos says:

I'm so happy, and so sad at the same time.

BlownMacTruck says:

You really don't get it, do you?

alvinrieske says:

The tech keeps getting better.

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